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Cargo HandlingDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS) procedures treat the handling of cargo and mail as a primary concern for safety. DHS has increased funding to upgrade the security of cargo handling and its placement onto aircrafts. In addition, the Container Security Initiative (CSI) program is intended to help increase security for containerized cargo.

"An 'ice event' severely disrupted our operation and we were faced with constantly changing demands for service. Much of that service was conducted in hazardous weather and road/ramp conditions, not to mention the same needing to be traversed by everyone while traveling to report to work. Without hesitation, Air Serv stepped up to the plate to meet the multiple requests I made for the extension of hours of numerous personnel working various shifts. As far as I know, not one single accident/incident was encountered through all of the turmoil."

Ray J.,

Cargo Acceptance and Handling

Cargo Transfer At Air Serv, our customer service agents are trained to accept cargo, prepare shipping documents, and screen cargo to meet Homeland Security guidelines. In addition, they manifest and build cargo to be transported to the flight line, keeping safety in and around aircraft and other vehicles first and foremost in all activities.

US Mail Handling / Sorting

Freight and Mail Air Serv customer service agents are trained to accept, sort and build U.S Mail, which is to be transported to the proper aircraft, as agreed to between the carrier and U.S Postal service contract.



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