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Cabin Cleaning and Janitorial Services

CleaningIn aviation, time is of the essence. Air Serv is committed to keeping flights clean and on time. Through our unparalleled Cabin Appearance and Janitorial Services, we deliver customized, high- impact cleaning programs within the tightest of timeframes. We deliver and leverage a highly-skilled mobile workforce that cleans our customers’ aircraft and facilities to exacting standards.

Aircraft Cabin Appearance

Aircraft Cabin AppearanceWe keep the skies clean. Air Serv has pioneered a myriad of cleaning missions specifically tailored to meet the cleanliness needs of our partners. Our broad experience in the industry – each day, we clean the interior of more commercial aircraft than any other company in the US – has provided us with unique perspective. Familiar with the cleaning requirements for all US commercial air carriers, we have designed scalable and customizable cleaning missions that exceed the standards for all major airlines. This platform allows Air Serv to effectively manage any cleaning program with minimal oversight.

Our cleaning missions are tailored to meet our partners’ cleaning and timeliness expectations. Our program is anchored by the Super Clean, the most intensive cleaning mission in the industry. The Super Clean utilizes a wide array of tools and processes designed specifically to deep clean an aircraft interior. Following a Super Clean, all components of an aircraft interior are restored to “like new” condition. Our standard cleaning portfolio also includes Remain Overnight, International Turn, and Domestic Turn Clean missions. All missions are customizable and scalable to meet the distinct demands presented by any narrow or wide body aircraft.

Our industry-leading Service Delivery System allows us to provide the cleanest aircraft at a competitive cost. Our training programs are tailored to the skill set and learning style of our front line workforce. Through a cleaning curriculum built around visual instruction and hands-on training, we provide our team members with the knowledge and confidence to accomplish every mission. Through our web-based dispatch and auditing technologies, we ensure our teams dedicate the maximum time possible cleaning every aircraft and do so according to established standards.

We pride ourselves on delivering great value. By directing and managing the highest skilled and most productive cleaning workforce, we meet our partners’ quality standards without sacrificing their financial objectives.

Aviation Janitorial Services

Aviation Janitorial ServicesWe provide airline passengers and employees with a clean airport environment. From conducting targeted cleaning operations at terminal gates following aircraft departures to deep cleaning the floors and offices of our partners, we provide complete attention to detail. We customize our program at each operation to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Aviation Janitorial Services

We transfer the experience gleaned from cleaning in the most challenging environments – airports and onboard aircraft – to cleaning professional office buildings, warehouses, and retail establishments. We provide a full range of commercial cleaning services for these facilities, including carpet shampooing, floor stripping/waxing, restroom and hard surface intensive cleans. We partner with our customers to customize each program to meet their individual needs.

LAV/Water Service

LAV/Water ServiceOur Air Serv LAV service team members are trained to keep safety first when performing their duties. Because they must adhere to a tight schedule, they operate efficiently in servicing the lavatories of the aircraft in preparation for the next flight. They play a very important role in the on-time departure of an aircraft.

Our teams consist of two people, one of which assists the driver in maneuvering the vehicle and its lift.  The other member maintains the stability of the vehicle when it is stationery, thereby ensuring the safety of the aircraft and surrounding vehicles.

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