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Job Descriptions

Air Serv offers many types of jobs throughout the country. Please take a moment to look over the jobs we offer. If you see a job that you may be interested in, click on it to see a description of duties. (not all jobs may be currently available and not all jobs are offered in every location). If you might be interested in a particular job in the future, please print the appropriate job application and follow the directions for submitting your application to Air Serv.

Air Serv Jobs International RAM Jobs
Aircraft Clearing Agent

The clearing team’s ultimate responsibility is to clear the aircraft of all special needs customers and place those customers in a designated area within the gate area for further assistance by Air Serv Agents.

Aviation Customer Assistant

Employee is responsible for assisting airline passengers at the Airport requiring assistance other than transportation.


Aviation Guard

Responsible for performing overall guard duties for an assigned area.


Baggage Agent

Responsible for assisting airline passengers with proper handling, processing and transportation of their luggage.



Employee is responsible for the preparation of beverages for customers, as well as the general maintenance of the bar area and monitoring the supplies needed.


Bus Driver*

Employee is responsible for operating an assigned shuttle bus on a designated transportation route. Employee is further responsible for the safe transportation, loading and unloading of passengers.

*Note: Some Driver positions may require a CDL license. Please contact the local site for more information.

Bus Groomer

Responsible for cleaning buses.


Cabin Agent

Responsible for cleaning and conducting security searches on designated aircraft according to Company, Client, and Regulatory policies, specifications and standards.


Cargo Agent

Employee is responsible for acceptance, handling and transfer of cargo at designated Client facilities.


Delivery Agent

Responsible for the coordination and delivery of certain goods (oxygen bottles or newspapers) to aircraft in accordance with safety and quality standards.



Assigns individuals and teams to tasks and locations. Coordinates resources according to customer requests and general job demands. Communicates assignments to employees and enters assignment data in computer database.


Electric Cart Driver

Responsible for transporting passengers needing electric cart assistance inside the airport terminal.



Ensure the vehicle does not come into contact with, damage, or otherwise deviate from a safe intended path causing damage or injury to any other vehicles, aircraft, personnel, ground equipment, or other Air Serv or Client assets.



Cleans and maintains buildings/facilities. Performs heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish. Duties may include tending furnace and boiler, performing routine maintenance activities, and notifying management of need for repairs.


Lavatory Service Agent

Employee is responsible for servicing various aircraft lavatory & water systems.


Lobby Agent

Employee is responsible for overall management of the customer queue awaiting processing at airport security checkpoints.



Employee is responsible for seating patrons, as well as taking and filling drink orders.



Employee will be expected to maintain, repair, and perform maintenance (preventive and on-demand) on motorized aircraft ground support equipment (gasoline and diesel fueled). To include, but not limited to, troubleshooting, tune-up, modification and overhaul of power-plant, drive-train, electric and hydraulic systems.


Passenger Service Assistant (Wheelchair)

Employee is responsible for assisting and transporting airline passengers requiring wheelchair assistance at the Airport.


Security Sweeper

Responsible for performing a thorough search for prohibited items in aircraft cabins while the craft is on the tarmac.


Shuttle Driver*

Employee is responsible for operating an assigned shuttle bus on a designated transportation route. Employee is further responsible for the safe transportation, loading and unloading of passengers.

*Note: Some Driver positions may require a CDL license. Please contact the local site for more information.


Employee is responsible for assisting airline passengers with check in and the transfer of their luggage for flight departure.


Ticket Verification Agent

Responsible for assisting airline passengers by verifying government issued identification, issuing passenger baggage tags and moving such tagged baggage to the client conveyor belt system.


Traffic Control

Responsible for directing the flow of automobile traffic in and out of the Burbank airport.


Tug Driver

Employee is responsible for collecting wheelchairs from around the airport and delivering them to the specified areas.


Unaccompanied Minor Agent

Responsible for escorting unaccompanied minors (“UM”) to/from flights and/or to meet a receiving adult.


Warehouse Agent

A part of Cabin Services, this individual inventories and organizes cabin supplies in warehouse. Is also responsible for breaking down and building cabin cleaning packs and loading these packs onto the cabin services trucks each day.


Widget Driver

Responsible for operating the vehicle that is escorting patrons requiring passenger services to and from


Widget Guard

Passenger Service Agent who assists passengers onto/off widget vehicles, guides widget vehicles when entering and exiting widget points, and monitors location in which passengers are waiting.


Bag Runner

Ensure all uncleared bags are put in place by departure times and that all bags go through the proper TSA screening area. Also ensure proper bag hygiene is being used when putting bags on induction belt.


Baggage Jam Technician

Responds to and clears baggage system alarms. Clears simple baggage jams within inline system and reports any problems found to airport technicians.


Curb Coordinator

Employee will coordinate check-in for wheelchair passengers, dispatch passenger assistants to assist passengers to the gates, and work closely with airline ticket agents and skycaps for passenger flow.



Responsible for coordinating the dispatch and communications for an assigned shift. Receives and records all incoming calls from all airline personnel for services needed. Must have the ability to work various shifts to include nights, weekends, and holidays as assigned.


Elevator Attendant

Verify Southwest Airlines crew badges prior to entering elevator that leads to crew lounge. Ensure that no other employee piggybacks onto the elevator prior to door closing. Employee uses their badge to start the elevator which goes down to the secure ramp area.


Exit Lane Monitor

Protects and monitors exit lane area until last flight arrives. Ensures no unauthorized entry thru exit lane. Ensures emergencies and security violations are reported immediately.


Line Attendant

Responsible for ensuring that passengers have Business Select Tickets. Also responsible for monitoring lanes and rerouting passengers to appropriate boarding lanes.


Passenger Assistant

Transport and assist passengers carefully and courteously throughout the airport and make sure passengers get to the correct gate when they are flying out of the airport. Also assist passengers with their luggage from the baggage carousels and to their final destinations.



Assists inbound passengers with their luggage. Helps passengers identify and retrieve their luggage from the carousel. Determines size of baggage cart to safely carry luggage to passenger’s drop off point.



Employee must greet passengers and provide a high quality of customer service. Responsible for inputting flight information and passenger's last name. Also prints out boarding documentation and bag tags to attach to appropriate items.


Wheelchair Coordinator

Reviews the monitor and sets up gates for incoming passengers who need assistance. Gathers wheelchairs in the concourse and returns them to the staging area for usage.


International RAM Security Jobs
Security Guard*

  • Aids in prevention of wrongful acts against employees and visitors
  • Intervenes directly only in situations which require minimal action to safeguard property or persons
  • Aids in the discovery of security violations
  • Insures emergencies and security violations are discovered and reported
  • Protects and monitors persons from harmful situations
  • Carries out instructions from supervisors
  • Conducts general observation of facility
  • Monitors intrusion detection
  • Protects and monitors persons from hazards and interference
  • Provides assistance to the public
  • Distributes completed incident/accident reports to the shift supervisor before the completion of the assigned shift

 *Requires state Security Guard certification


International RAM Cargo Jobs
Cargo Screener

  • Attend and successfully pass IACSSP, CCSP, ETD, and Physical Search Screener Training
  • Complete required reports, forms, and records as required by the TSA
  • Physically inspect cargo as outlined by the TSA
  • Assist in the break-down and rebuilding of cargo shipments
  • Ensure that all Tamper Evident Technology and screening supplies remain secure at all times
  • Communicate with local security personnel in case of emergency as outlined in the AP
  • Other duties as assigned

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