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At Air Serv, we believe that customer service comes first. That is why we are proud of our employees when they are commended for a job well-done. Here you can read unsolicited comments from our customers. We dedicate this site to all of our employees who go above and beyond the call of duty by making our airports more comfortable and our customers' trips more pleasant.

Darius Angelis was very virtuous and professional during our shuttle ride from one United Airlines terminal to another.  (From San Francisco International Airport)


I had to shuttle between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 at San Francisco International Airport. Was a busy time of day, but Darius Angeles (escort) and Arturo Guerrero (driver) were professional, efficient, kind and pleasant. Obviously they love their careers and strive to make customers feel like family. I was truly impressed!  (From San Francisco International Airport)


Cynthia Jones was very polite and was able to assist my Uncle and I get to the gate in a timely fashion. She helped us get an optimal seat where my uncle could be comfortable on the flight and I thank her for her service.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


My mum flew from Ghana through JFK on the way to Ohio. It was her first time flying and so didn't know how to carry herself around the airport. She has a knee problem which made it even harder for her to be pushing her cart through JFK. Fortunately, an Air Serv employee named Mynawattie Toolsee at JFK spotted her and took the initiative to help my 56 year old mum out through the rain. I would therefore like to thank her through this medium for what she did, and continues to do to make mobility at the airport as easy as possible. I would also appreciate it if management at Air Serv could transmit my family's appreciation to the above mentioned lady. Thank you!  (From JFK International Airport)


Jose A. Lopez was our first Chicago Experience ~ What a gem! You are lucky to have him. Efficient, friendly, witty and a first-class representation of your company! Thank you for the opportunity to let someone know the "good stuff." (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


Jasoda Massiah met me at the plane with the wheelchair. She was friendly and respectful. When we arrived at the baggage claim my wheelchair was not there. We had to wait almost an hour and during that time she continued to call places to locate it. All this time she continued to assure me that it would be found. When it did come, she stayed with me all the way to my gate. I would like the company to know of her kindness extended toward me.  (From JFK International Airport)


Sabrina Wilson was responsible for making my trip thru O'Hare a most efficient and pleasant thru security and kept track on my belongings very well. Please add my thanks. (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


This is to express my thanks and appreciation for help by your employee Mike A. (From Sea-Tac International Airport, Seattle)


John Costas was a very helpful cart driver who helped me immensely to get to my connecting flight, when I missed my flight connection the first time. I am on oxygen and require help to get to connecting flights and he was very reassuring that I would make it this time and I did. Very personable and likeable employee. Thanks for his help!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


I am writing to commend an Air Serv employee, Rodney Searcy, Passenger Assistance Specialist. We arrived from Belize City, Belize with our dog and 4 large bags. Mr. Searcy assisted us with our bags and large dog crate through customs. Our dog was in distress when he arrived from the heat. We proceeded with him to the Customs area where we spent almost an hour trying to cool our dog. Mr. Searcy remained with us the entire time, forfeiting all other clients until our dog was stabilized enough to continue his travel to Pittsburgh. Mr. Searcy should be commended for his dedication to customer service and for his compassion. It is employees like him that truly make a difference! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Davies Angelis was a great escort on our shuttle from one terminal in San Francisco Airport to the other. He explained how long the ride would be and went out of his way to make sure that we were taken care of. He carried both of our bags up the stairs and then directed us to our gate, eliminating any chance of us getting lost. He did this all with a smile and an attitude of someone who enjoys what he does. Our driver Tuan Khriu was nice and drove well also.  (From San Francisco International Airport)

My wife uses a walker and has difficulty walking long distances. When we arrived at SFO, Maria Cora Menoez met us as we exited the plane. She had a wheel chair for my wife and rolled my wife and I down a long corridor to an elevator that took us to the baggage claims area. She looked up the luggage arrival platform for our flight and waited with us until our luggage arrived. She certainly made our arrival a pleasant one. We thank Maria for a job well done. (From San Francisco International Airport)


As our flight from the U.S. was late arriving, and I had to get my connecting flight to Munich...I would never ever have made the connection had it not been for my luck to meet Rajegh (Supervisor). He got me on a electro cart and flew with me clearing customs and security...even called the connecting airline to hold open the doors!!!! Needless to say I MADE MY FLIGHT! I tried to give him a tip to thank him but he would not take anything from me, he said "That is part of my job"... You should be so proud of your employees!! I have had similar experiences prior but never got the info for this site so we can compliment one of your employees. Heathrow has the very best I can assure you of that. and Rajegh (I hope I spell his name correctly), is one of your best.  (From London Heathrow Airport)


We were very grateful to Dawn Burt. Due to weather and traffic accidents, we were running late for our flight. Since the original gate was changed, I was in a panic. I stopped a cleaning lady to get directions and Dawn(pushing an empty wheelchair) overheard me. She answered our questions. I have bad knees and asked her if she could put me in her chair(I explained that my handicap sticker was in my purse) She gladly took us. Since I still wasn't sure what gate, she she made a call. She also told them we were on are way. Thankfully to her, she got us there on time (I was stressed out). She made us feel a lot better. She was our guardian angel that day. We all agreed there was a reason we ran into each other.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


When we arrived in JFK we were sent a great guy named David Benjamin to help us as I am in wheelchair and the airport is huge. He was funny and a great help to get us to our flight to Paris. He answered all our questions and was fast at finding exactly where we had to go. Keep hiring people like him and you will come out ahead every time. Great job, David.  (From JFK International Airport)


We were on vacation visiting our children and grandchildren when my husband became ill. After an emergency room visit, we were advised to get home. I hurriedly got a flight and went from the ER to airport and asked for wheelchair assistance. We were lucky enough to have Mike A. help us. His kindness and concern were an enormous help in reducing a very stressful situation for us. I hope you will pass along our gratitude and thanks to him. He is a great asset to your organization.  (From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)


Jason Torres was very pleasant, helpful, fun and explained what we needed to know.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


All was very confusing when I reached the airport until this fine well-groomed porter (last name Tyler can't recall his first name) approached me with a pleasant attitude to ask me if I would care for a little assistance with my luggage. I was unsure but Mr. Tyler assured me I was in good hands. He also went on to assist me to the rest room and help me load all 20 plus bags onto the rental car shuttle after it was all completed. Mr. Tyler shook my hand with a pleasant smile and told me it was his pleasure in assisting me and to enjoy the rest of my day. What a pleasant gentleman!  He made the rest of my day a good one.  Thank you Air Serv for a excellent crew, Mr. Tyler foremost.  (From Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)


The most I remember about this well-groomed gentleman was his professionalism in his introduction as he introduced himself. If I remember correctly, his name was Gerald Tyler.  He executed his job duties as a wheel chair assistant above and beyond and took care of my luggage as well as making sure I got to my pre-arranged ride. Others should take his approach as how to treat a individual needing a little extra help with a wheel chair. Excellent job Gerald Tyler! Thank you.  (From Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)


I was waiting to connect with my departing flight and walked up to, what I thought was Customer Service to ask about Economy Plus seating and Rita Sorkina with Air Serv was standing nearby so I asked her if she was with the airline. She said no but said she would try to answer my question and if she couldn't she would find someone to help and that's exactly what she did! We had a very nice visit. I asked her about what she did as a Security Specialist and how I admired what she did for the safety of the passengers. She was interesting to talk to. I went to get something to eat and when I was in another part of the airport and she saw me and came up to say hi and make sure everything was okay. She is an asset to SFO and the passengers! Thank you for keeping her where she does great work!  (From San Francisco International Airport)


Mr. Joe Alaric pushed me from one terminal to the next. I had just had completed chemo and was weak. He kept us from missing our plane. Kind, considerate and an enjoyable person.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


As I was steeping off the plane, I herd a ladies voice call my name so soft, nice and welcoming to Atlanta. She, Linda Lewis, and her partner Harry Williams explained they were here to help Winter, my service dog find relief from her flight.  They took me to a nice green place of grass on the airport just for Winter to go potty. What a warm heart felt welcome. I was blown away that someone actually cared about Winter. Your people are awesome and a godsend to me. Thank you for your kindness and caring attitude towards service dogs. Thank you for everything god bless you.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I want to take this opportunity to commend one of your employees at the for outstanding and proactive customer service. Her name is Zlatka G. and she is a real tribute to your company. Her professionalism and customer concern were outstanding. My wife was wheelchair borne and we had found ourselves with a problem with our flights, requiring that we were on standby for 3 previous flights prior to encountering Zlatka. Upon hearing our problem as we moved to the next standby gate, she suggested we go the Customer Service office which she proceeded to take us to. There found two outstanding representatives who able to get us on a flight back home in time for my wife's surgery. If it had not been for Zlatka's proactive customer concern and care, that would not have happened. Please express our gratitude and appreciation to Zlatka and again congratulations on having such a wonderful and professional individual within your company, she is a true credit to the company!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


Joseph Checke was an outstanding attendant for my wife, who needed wheel chair transport from the gate to the area bus terminal. Joseph was prompt, extremely friendly, efficient, and eager to learn of our lives and needs in the short time we were served by him. We landed at 6:45 p.m. and he got us to our luggage promptly and delivered us to the 7:30 p.m. bus in a most timely manner. Joseph needs both recognition and reward for his outstanding performance. This was most appreciated because my wife had just recently been discharged from a hospital where she was under doctors care for five days. We need more people like Joseph in our lives!!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

I left my phone in the commuter terminal bathroom and when I realized it, I was at the main SFO terminal. The driver for the bus called an employee who found my phone in the bathroom and they drove to the main terminal to meet me and return my phone. It was Mohammad Khan who returned me my phone. I cannot thank your company and him especially for the quality service. He truly saved my day by finding my phone in the bathroom as I was running on a tight schedule. I hope he is told how I appreciate what he did and I hope he gets acknowledged for it. It's very rare in airports to get quality service anymore as i fly weekly for my job. TY again.  (From San Francisco International Airport)


I would like commend and thank Dawn Burt for meeting us at the plane and taking my elderly parents (disabled and in their middle 80's) and me to our connecting flight which was a long way across the airport. Dawn went out of her way to make us feel welcome in the airport and was as prompt, congenial and caring as could be. She was patient with my parents and even laughed at my father's silly jokes. Thank you for your help and a job well done, Dawn(From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


I would like to compliment Dawn Burt for her kind and thoughtful treatment to myself and a gentleman when she took us from where we were dropped off to where we had to catch the next flight. She asked us if we needed to use the restroom and waited for us. She helped me to sit down in a restaurant right across the hall from where I had to catch my next flight. She was genuinely kind and helpful and didn't try just to hurry to get rid of us. This is how it should be Some others in this same position have made me feel like a burden, so Dawn was a welcome change. (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


Upon deplaning, the wheelchair and attendant were waiting for my husband and we went off in search of dinner. After he left us, my husband realized he had lost his wallet. I went to the ASK desk, they contacted your company and your head man here, Troy Bowry, who promptly found me and was of great assistance in attempting to locate this lost wallet. He went above and beyond in what I expected for assistance in this matter - in short, he was terrific. We never found the wallet but the experience was far less painful due the help and kindness of Mr. Bowry. We thank him.   (From JFK International Airport)


Your employed Darren Butler went 'the extra mile' while escorting me after my flight. Little did I know what it would take to get to the car rental place after my 'solo' flight from to Atlanta. He so kindly escorted me in the wheel chair from the gate all the way to the car rental agency with a cheerful and attentive manor. I would have been bewildered going the process alone - not to mention uncomfortable due to leg pain. He deserves my compliments and due notice of his professionalism in his position.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Ms. Guytre Deonaraine offered her services and represented the company's name and values from the get-go when she assisted my grandmother who is an elder. Very kind attention and people skills when addressing me and my elder. (From JFK International Airport)

Joseph Checke was my guardian angel for getting me from a late landing flight to my connecting flight WAY across O'Hare. He moved at the speed of light and gave a new dimension to the term "Speed Walk". Without his good-natured help in a highly frustrating situation, I would not have reached my flight in time to begin a wonderful holiday with my children in. Thank you for providing wheelchair transport for those of us who could not travel as comfortably without it. Joseph's concern for my safety and welfare was exhibited the entire time we traversed the entire terminal to complete my transfer. I thank him, again, and your company which helps people like me who are only able to travel with the services you so capably provide.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

 I would like to thank Jose A. Lopez and commend him on his pleasant and helpful assistance in delivering my husband and myself at the proper gate for our return trip to our home. He was a very safe driver and assured our safety as well. Please tell him how grateful we are to have made his acquaintance.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)  

I was taken very good care of by Trina Wilson. She was very pleasant to talk with and got me to my gate. She also waited for me while at the customer service counter to reschedule a delay in flights. Thank you very much.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

 Linda K greeted us at the door and before I could ask for wheel chair assistance for my mother, she was offering exceptional assistance. She had first class help for us and took us to purchase a sandwich before taking us to our gate. She truly blessed us with her awesome service and compassion. She is truly an asset to the company. Thank you!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

For Joseph Checke who speed walked and enabled me to make my connection - nice and thank you.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

I am so very thankful to Nicholas Wiggins who went way beyond the call of duty. I was returning to Atlanta after a conference in Washington, DC. I have several major health issues and found that I was unable to walk from the gate to baggage claim. After a 40 minute wait for assistance and no response, Mr. Nicolas Wiggins personally wheeled me down and collected my luggage for me. He was very compassionate, professional and courteous throughout the process. I'm not sure what his job description is but I will be forever grateful that he came to my rescue! He is an asset to your company.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


We were a party of three, two over 80 years old and one disabled and only through the magic of Mr.Kundu and his associates we were able to board our flight and get home safely. Once again congratulations Mr.Kundu for the professionalism and compassionate care rendered to us. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I would like to extend my deepest and dearest appreciation to one of your lovely employees. Lilliani U. (was what I could read from her name tag) She was so helpful and considerate, helping me check in with the kiosk. I am a 68 year old lady so this is all new to me and she talked to me and guided me through the check in process and called for my wheelchair! I am so happy I came across such a polite young lady. Tell her to keep her pretty smile and that I will appreciate her for helping me forever.  (From San Francisco International Airport)


At JFK where I had to transfer to Air Canada, I was met by Richard Diaz and a wheelchair. After what felt like an endless flight from Tokyo, he was a true ray of sunshine. Super competent, kind and caring, full of good humor, he was a wonderful antidote to the rigors of a trip that had started from Bangkok 21 hours before. I was able to relax and know that I was in very good hands the entire time we were within his area of operation. You are very fortunate to have employees like Richard Diaz! And I and my companions felt very fortunate to have been in his care.  (From JFK International Airport)


I want too express how much I really appreciated a young lady named Kenyetta Hardnett. I had a flight with a lay over in ATL and when I arrived in ATL, I was told that while in the air, my connecting flight had already left. Because nothing like this had ever happened to me, not only was I in a wheel chair but I didn't know what to do. Ms. Hardnett was the person that came to get me to take me to the gate where I was supposed to board the plane to connect to my final destination. She took me there to get help, while letting me know that everything was going to be alright. She helped me change flights, stopped me by the restroom (with patience), and asked me if I needed anything else. I was afraid to ask her to stop me to get something too eat but I knew that I had too take my medication. So I asked her would she please stop by a food stand, she said, "Yes Ma'am." After doing all of that, she took me too the gate where I needed to be, made sure that I would be taken care of, told me that she was sorry about any inconvenience, smiled, and then left. Ms. Hardnett is very rare these days but it's such a blessing to run into wonderful help like her.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I had excellent service from Zachary Brudno on the transfer bus ride. He made me feel at ease and called ahead to the gate to let them know not to close the door to the flight and that a few passengers on the bus would arrive in just a few minutes. Zachary made my day!  (From San Francisco International Airport)

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for Beverly Burnett. She was extremely helpful to my husband and I after a long, exhausting day of travel and canceled flights. She stayed with us the entire time until we were able to straighten out where we needed to be and then physically walked with us to get there. I wish there were more people like Beverly these days - she was most definitely an early Christmas gift to us. Thank you Beverly! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

My flight arrived from Canada as my second flight was loading for Dallas. I needed wheelchair service and felt very frightened. Jose A. Lopez was very caring and made me feel safe as I am visually impaired. He got me safely to my plane on the opposite side of the airport and personally walked me on. He is an example of a true gentleman.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

FIRST OF ALL, GREAT JOB DONE BY AIR SERV IN IAD!! When I arrived in Dulles I was missing my personal wheelchair. The airline had failed to board my personal chair. When I asked the ramp guides "where is my chair?" -- there was no answer for me. The only people who were there to help were Air Serv employees. They helped me to transfer via aisle chair to the Air Serv wheelchair and they even assisted me finding my personal wheelchair. Air Serv managers reached the airline and were told that my wheelchair would come in on the next flight. I decided to wait at the baggage claim area and an Air Serv agent Girma assisted me going to the main terminal. I sat on the Air Serv wheelchair for almost 6 hours and thanks to the Air Serv employee who sat with me the whole time and assisted me while I was waiting for my wheelchair. You guys are doing a phenomenal job helping people with disabilities. Also, I would like to thanks Air Serv management for running this organization with the well talented employees.  (From Washington Dulles International Airport)

We found your employee Jose Lopez, to be a great part of your organization. My wife and I both have major problems walking and require a lot of help, which Jose was willing to offer us without asking. He is a great asset to your company and we feel very good, writing this note to you. Please note that I seldom remark on service, but this was the best and most that we could ask for. Thanks Jose (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

Rita Sorkina helped me on wheelchair, and she is very good. The weather was delaying flights, but she got me to the shuttle bus and on to the boarding gate without any problem.  She seemed very calm and was able to chat all the while pushing me, 200 lbs.  She is a very capable and caring person.  Thank you, Rita(From San Francisco International Airport)

I want to acknowledge the excellent service provided by your employee Blal, who helped us this morning. In addition to being efficient and courteous, he was especially careful to make the wheel chair ride as smooth as possible for my wife, which reduced her pain level. Thanks!  (From Denver International Airport)

Your employee, Joseph Checke, provided excellent wheelchair transportation services to my disabled husband, Robert. He was both courteous and considerate. We appreciated his assistance very much.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

As a TSA agent I sometimes assist wounded military personnel at DFW. Recently I went to assist an inbound triple amputee connecting out of another terminal. Due to delay of his inbound flight, the soldier was to arrive too late for the connection. I approached the boarding gate and was greeted by the gate agent. Her warm greeting gave me comfort, but I was impressed by the actual response that unfolded. I informed the agent of the predicament. An immediate sense of urgency was palpable from her as she immediately began making calls to ascertain actual flight arrival and departure times, while simultaneously coordinating a Air Serv representative, Harold, to be prepared to move quickly. Harold was positioning a wheelchair and mentally preparing to hustle while making assurances to me and the gate agent that he would ensure full effort to assist with the gate transfer. It was determined the inbound flight would be a little early and the outbound would be a little delayed, but still with not enough time. The gate agent began coordination with the outbound captain to wait and Harold expressed optimism for the best outcome. When the flight arrived, Harold quickly determined the quickest routes and rushed the soldier to the gate. I was amazed at the service while trotting alongside the wheelchair, like our warrior amputee whose eyes revealed surprise and amazement at the effort. It had to be done, your outstanding employee, Harold, made it happen, and a passenger was rightfully respected as a hero. Thank you Harold!!  (From Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport)

After a long 14-hour trip from Ontario, California to Chicago via San Francisco, I was delighted to be met by a wheelchair at the end of C concourse. Unfortunately, I then got transferred to one of many carts circling the area. I was ill and my daughter had parked and was to meet me at luggage. After sitting while other passengers went to get food, we finally moved to the first elevator. We were to all get out and walk 'a Short distance' because the cart was too large to get through the elevator door. I was saved by the best wheelchair provider ever! Lolita Strong picked me up and had me down to luggage immediately! She wheeled me all the way to the short term parking area. She should have a huge raise! She sure gets my vote!!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

Your employee Jose A. Lopez took outstanding care of us last evening while driving the cart safely and efficiently. We made our flight in time with even three other person's needs being taken care of at the same time in all different directions. He calmed one lady who was stressed to the point of tears and managed a rest room stop for others and he did it all in a nice humor and I greatly appreciated him. We even had time to grab a wrap sandwich to take on the plane and made it with ease. Thanks to Jose Lopez (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

Jose Lopez helped my husband and I so much. Both of us are elderly, and cannot walk well. He took us in his cart--to our next plane. we were so very grateful for his kind service. (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

I had a wonderful experience with Richard Diaz. He was a wheelchair agent and went out of his way to make my experience both personable and comfortable. I want to offer big kudos for his fine service! Thank you!  (From JFK International Airport)

Jose A. Lopez picked up on our way to Bus Pickup. There were three of us seniors with some limiting walking ability. We were so grateful to him for picking us up along the way. We won't hesitate next time to request your service. He was so helpful and accommodating. You are fortunate to have him as an employee!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

I had a wonderful young lady named Michele Brown, that took me in the wheelchair to my next plane.  She was so sweet and efficient. You need more ladies like her.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

 I was Serviced by a gentlemen by the name of Ricardo Phillips. I called in prior to my flight to request him. Once I landed in Atlanta, Ricardo meet me on the jet way and took me to my gate. His customer service personality really touched me and every time I fly Delta I will be asking for this gentlemen. He touched my heart. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta) 

I flew into Atlanta w/ a 6 hour layover. I guess the angels were smiling upon me that day when Arina Harris was assigned to me. Not only was she kind, but her caring and lovely presence spilled over on all who crossed her path. This special person stayed past time off to accommodate me. It is my request that this commendation be included in her permanent file. I have worked in management of all sorts since I was 19 yrs. old. I try to always acknowledge those who go out of their way, or above and beyond in their respective fields. I am keeping Arina Harris's card for future travels. Please thank Arina for me and I'm sorry it's taken so long to get this done, but I am facing several back surgeries. I would've considered it an honor to have had Arina work for me. You should be glad to have such dedicated, devoted and loyal persons as her working for you. Please let her know how much her kindness meant to me. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta) 

I am writing this letter to make you aware of two of your employees that went above and beyond. One I have the name of and the other I do not. My elderly mom and I live in Ohio. We had the pleasure of being able to travel across the country to Los Angeles to see my niece, my momma's first grandchild, marry her college sweetheart. On our return flight we were scheduled to fly out of LAX. Knowing that were going to have a quick turn around to make a connecting flight into Columbus, Ohio, I requested a wheelchair for my eighty-five year old mom. The plane arrived at O'Hare ahead of schedule, but unfortunately, we sat on the runway longer than expected. When we finally got off the plane, we were met by a smiling but concerned looking young woman named Donna Kukula. She asked where we were going. Fumbling with boarding passes we found the gate number. She practically ran with my mom in the wheelchair with me in her dust. When I caught up to her in the elevator she informed me that we were going to be pushing it to get to the gate in time to board. When we finally arrived, the door had been closed and we were told the plane had pulled away. Donna could have ended her duty with us and told us where to report. Instead she took us directly to customer support for United Airlines and stayed with us to explain the situation to the unnamed agent. The agent looked very tired and mentioned to a co worker she was well past her dinner, but she worked hard to accommodate us. She was able to book us on a later flight.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

Mr. Jose A. Lopez is a superior employee.  He was caring, pleasant, polite, friendly, and very accommodating. He is an asset to your company. He is a good talent for training other employees. Don't ever lose this man!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport) 

I witnessed your employee, Joseph Checke, treating your customer in a very compassionate manner yesterday. It was so moving how patient and caring he was that I made a point of telling Joseph how proud I was to witness his behavior. There was a misunderstanding on where the wife was to meet the customer in Joseph's care. Although a fellow employee of yours was not so sincere, Joseph kept his cool and moved beyond her sarcasm. You should be proud to have him on your team!  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport) 

I wanted to join the other satisfied customers and thank Manuel Gray for his excellent service. He was prompt, efficient, kind, personable and made sure all my cousin's needs were met. His positive attitude seemed to come naturally to him! What a pleasant way to start our vacation!  (From Los Angeles International Airport) 

I'd like to compliment one of your fine representatives. At JFK International, Donna Wilson, one of your employees, met me at the door of the plane after we landed. She was kind, gracious, and helpful. She was quite careful placing me into the wheelchair, and also alerting me to a bar that might cause me to trip when I stood up. She was thoughtful in stopping at the rest room before we collected our luggage and mindful that my husband wasn't left behind while he went one way in the security lane and we went another. She was particularly considerate when a bad reaction to food on the plane caused me to return to the rest room several times while we were waiting on the customs line. Later, we were waiting for quite awhile for our car service and apologized for keeping her. Not only was she completely understanding, but she was concerned that the driver park as close to the curb as possible so that I wouldn't have difficulties in getting into the vehicle. She is outstanding, both as an employer and as a person of kindness and integrity. Thank you, Donna, for a job well-done!  (From JFK International Airport, New York)


I would like to comment on Yeshaleg Gessese. She was working a cart at LAX and I had a large group from Holiday Vacations. She waited with my disabled guests and made sure they made it through security and to their gates on time!!! I was so impressed with her helpfulness and would love to give her company recognition for a job well done and over and above Thanks!! (From Los Angeles International Airport)

When traveling home, I was not well and requested assistance when landing in Denver. Mr. Teramaj Mulatu met my plane, handled my carry-on bag and took me to the United Care Service room - similar to Red Carpet. He helped me to a comfortable seat and told me I should tell the gracious lady at the desk if I needed anything. Since I had a 4-hour layover, he told me he wanted me to be as comfortable as possible. He stopped in several times to check on me. When it was time for me to board my next flight, I was led to the front of the line and received such courteous assistance with my pre-boarding. Please let his supervisor know that he is an excellent employee and a true gentleman. He is #1 on my list. (From Denver International Airport)

On our return trip home to Milwaukee we had two of your employees assist us. I have Parkinson's and have a great deal of difficulty walking. We were very fortunate to have Deborah (did not get her last name) help us at the gate. She was courteous, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful and insisted on taking me to my seat on the plane. It is unfortunate that we did get her full name because she deserves a special commendation for doing her job well. She is a well trained, dedicated employee. Kudos to your organization. (From JFK International Airport, New York)

Carlos Rojas was very helpful with instructions and advice in getting me and my husband to the curb and to our ride.  (From JFK International Airport, New York)

I will like to show my appreciation to Bridget H for her excellent customer service and hospitality. My ticket was purchased by my daughter and she forgot to put down that I needed wheelchair service but that was not a problem when I reached the airport. I was immediately serviced and provided the necessary essentials that I needed to make this a safe travel for myself and I want to thank Bridget for that. Not only did I receive a wheelchair at JFK, one was also waiting for me upon arrival in Tokyo, Japan. Thank you again.  (From JFK International Airport, New York)

I would just like to thank Joseph Checke who brought a wheelchair for me in Chicago. I had injured my knee on the flight and walking was painful. He tried to take our minds of the discomfort by playing a trivia game with us en route to our next departure gate. We appreciate his helpfulness. Thank you Joseph(From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


Kannalpreet Sembhi is an employee of whom you can be proud. He was waiting for me with a wheelchair as I disembarked and then pushed me all the way through the process of baggage, (helping my wife collect the bags) immigration and Customs, all the time attending to my needs and providing me with a comfort stop. He then waited patiently for my limo to arrive. He provided the best service I have ever received from an attendant.  Bravo and well done!  (From JFK International Airport, New York)

I would like to commend Linda Kasprzak and her co-worker Linda (didn't get her last name) for the friendly, courteous service they provided in assisting me to my gate at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Thanks ladies, you were terrific!!! (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


An elderly (age 83) friend was flying back to Paris and I took her to JFK airport. The flight was scheduled to leave at 8:40pm from Terminal 3. A call ahead was placed to get a wheelchair curbside. At Terminal 3 we encountered an Air Serv attendant, who brought us into the terminal and asked my friend for her documents--passport, flight #, etc. He took the documents and proceed to the kiosk with her passport where he fumbled with at least 3 stations. He finally had to call for assistance. At that time the attendant told him that the flight was leaving from Terminal 4 not Terminal 3. My friend had just given him a tip when he came back to tell us that the terminal # had changed and that he would have to arrange for us to be taken there by another Air Serv attendant., because he could not take us there as he had another customer to take care of. He brought my friend back to the entrance and left!!! We waited about 10 minutes and I asked another Air Serv attendant what was happening with getting us to Terminal 4. He asked who gave us the wheelchair and where did he go. I told him what had happened and that he left us there for someone else to take care of. He apologized for the actions and taking the tip and immediately took over. Richard Diaz did everything he could to get us to Terminal 4 in a timely manner. So very kind and courteous and smiling all the time. You could tell he liked helping people and enjoyed his job. A true gentleman had taken the place of a not so courteous one. Richard said he would stay with my friend and make sure she got thru security and to her departure gate. Richard's actions and attention to customer service almost made me forget about the other's rudeness. I thought you should know that if more people were like Richard Diaz the world would be a much better place and you would never have to worry that your clients were ill treated. Richard Diaz is a great asset to your company. Please let Richard know that.  (From JFK International Airport, New York)


I needed a wheel chair, was given one as I got off the plane, and needed to get to Burbank. The person who helped me was Brandon B., and he was excellent, and very nice and polite. (From Denver International Airport)


I had been through DFW twice in one week, on crutches, with no weight bearing. Both times your staff has met me with a smile, pushed me where I needed to go, and provided truly great assistance with a friendly attitude. I forgot the guy's name who met me on Monday (my apologies, he did a wonderful job). Today I was met by Cheryl. What a blessing. Thanks for all you do!  (From Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)


Robert Sosa assisted me at the airport and was the most cheerful golf cart driver I have encountered in my many years of traveling. He helped others make their connection, never driving in areas where he was not to go. He deserves recognition for doing his job professionally and being so cheerful late at night. (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


I desperately needed assistance at O'Hare one evening at Carousel 10 and Sharon Bianchini helped me enormously. She made the call for a limousine driver, as mine had not shown up, and gave me directions of where to go. She was charming and deserves recognition.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


I was impressed with Juan Diaz who assisted me with a wheelchair.  I am 78 and noticed how compassionate he was helping me with my things.  (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport)


When I got off the plane in Denver, arriving from Baltimore, Brandon B. was at the door of the plane to pick me up with the wheel chair. He asked if I had to use the restroom or get some food, which I did not. He pushed me to the gate of Great Lakes. On the way through the airport he was VERY polite to me and to everyone we met on the way. I could not have asked for a nicer gentleman to assist me. I want to thank you so much. I told him thank you but please relay my message to him, he was so nice. (From Denver International Airport)


I would like to say thank you to two very special Atlanta employees: Allan Stewart and Alfonza Thrower. I was traveling with my mom who requires a wheelchair on. Unfortunately there was a weather delay, then cancellation of our flight from Atlanta to Hartford, CT.  Allan was patient and kind while we were trying to find out when our flight would be rescheduled. He is an exceptional young man. The following morning, we arrived bright and early for a 7:25 flight. Alfonza was the first to greet us. Although there were several attendants sitting and waiting for travelers to arrive, he jumped up and greeted us with a smile. He assisted us through security, making the process go smoothly. Thank you for providing such a positive experience in a very stressful situation. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I want to take this opportunity to recognize two of your employees, Justin McCain and Rakeem Harriott who went "Above and Beyond" the call of duty by assisting my disabled sister who was a passenger on a flight.  She was made to wait at the gate for almost 2 hours before anyone could assist her to the baggage claim, but when these two gentlemen arrived they were comforting, calm and very helpful. Justin McCain mentioned he, by company rules, was not allowed to push both wheelchair and walker so that's when Rakeem Harriott was summoned for assistance.  After a very horrifying ordeal on the aircraft (nothing to do with Air Serv) these two men helped in making my sister's trip to the baggage claim worth coming back again, and they waited for a LONG time with us while we claimed luggage, filed a grievance claim with the airline and escorted us to our vehicle in the parking garage. I was so impressed with their talents of professionalism that I rushed home and told my son to go fill out a job application. This is truly a company that dispenses quality and it shows through your employees. Job WELL DONE Justin McCain and Rakeem Harriott...and Thank You Air Serv!!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I arrived on a United Flight from Tampa to Newark. I forgot my daughter's tablet in our seat. I got United to contact the cleaning crew and I was able to meet one of your employees at his next gate. Patel Vikrambhai was the one who gave it back to me. He would not take a tip I gave to him, but he just wanted to make sure I got it back. People like Patel, make our world better, by being courteous and respectful to a passenger when we forget our items on the plane. Please send a note of thanks to his manager and my appreciation of Air Serv hiring more like Patel. (From Newark Liberty International Airport)


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank David Benjamin, for his support whilst I was at the airport.  He made the transition very pleasing and took very good care of us and supported us very well. Thank you for your wonderful service!  (From JFK International Airport)


My husband and I had just left our plane when we realized that I had left a personal item under our seat. Shakeerah Florence was very helpful and was able to recover the item from the plane for us.  (From Newark Liberty International Airport)


I would like share our experience that we had journeying from Frankfurt to Norfolk VA via Dulles. I was traveling with my 65 year old mother.  As we cleared the customs, my mother tripped and fell down on the hallway. There was no one from the airline to ask for help. She was in a bit of pain because her ankle got twisted while she walked towards the inclined type terminal.  All of a sudden we saw a wheelchair person coming towards us but unfortunately the wheelchair was already occupied. But that wheelchair gentleman called his supervisor and asked for immediate help. We waited about 5 minutes and his supervisor showed up along with wheelchair person. Inam offered us medical treatment as he saw my mother in pain but my mother was brave enough to say she is fine. Escort Kanij helped us to take to our connection gate while Inam followed us all the way down and carried my mother's bags to our next departing gate. They both made sure that she was feeling better. They were very friendly, upbeat, helpful, and handled their task with the utmost professionalism. While we were waiting at the boarding area, Inam came back to made sure my mother was feeling comfortable. It was a fabulous service provided by Air Serv and we left the airport with unforgettable memories. All these employees must be recognized for their great work. Thank you for making a difference.  (From Dulles International Airport)


I was met at my plane by Carlos A. Gracia Roman. He got me settled in the wheelchair and parked me in a comfortable spot while he retrieved my bag. The flight had run late and I had little time to get to my connecting flight. Carlos got me there 10 minutes before boarding, I was so relieved. Carlos was very kind and cheerful and treated me as though I were a VIP. What a very special person!  (From O'Hare International Airport, Chicago)


Brandon Willingham assisted me after I left a bag at the TSA stop. It contained valuable business related information. With only 30 minutes until my flight he tried to keep me calm and helped me secure my bag. He was a tremendous help. I am forever grateful! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Thanks so much to Johnny of Air Serv for his help in getting us to the gate for our connecting flight. We didn't realize what a long walk it would be, and he drove by just in time. His helpful and friendly attitude decreased my stress and anxiety about how I could make that long walk on my own steam. He kept us smiling the whole way, and we saw him helping other travelers with the same care and consideration. He demonstrated that it was his pleasure to help us, rather than just his job. Johnny is a credit to your organization, and I hope to see him on my return flight!  (From O'Hare International Airport, Chicago)


I was having trouble checking in for my flight. The computer was not cooperating. It was very early (6:30 AM) and very busy and most of the personnel were dealing with other passengers. Then this absolutely pleasant and cheerful person asked if he could help. Manuel Gray did his magic and some how got the computer to work. He got me checked in and on my way. He really started a long day of travel in a very positive way. Thanks to him and all of your employees!  (From Los Angeles International Airport)


I would like to thank Lucia Yehdego for her attentive and timely help. I needed some assistance at the ticket counter (wheelchair). She not only saw that before I even asked, but had one at my disposal within about 10 seconds. She directed me to the 1st class line where I did not need to wait to check in. She stayed nearby for any further assistance needed after getting a boarding pass. Help to the gate was also swift, cheerful and efficient! Wow! Very impressive. (From Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)


Maria Coda Mendez was wonderful. I am in a wheelchair and that lady asked me if I needed to use the restroom or needed something to eat as she took me to the gate. She was extremely helpful. (From San Francisco International Airport)


Steven Landrum gave his time to make my transfer by wheelchair pleasant.  Even more he came by and checked on me due to long wait for my flight. He went well above and beyond my expectations. He is a good example for your team.  (From Denver International Airport)


Mr. Stan Zag was absolutely a God-Send during my travel from Atlanta to NY. While assisting with my elderly Mom, Mr. Zag was courteous, warm, and always professional. He gave service with a smile, and showed us that he genuinely cared. I knew the airport provided service for the disabled, but I had no idea that service could be given at the extent that Mr. Stan Zag rendered to us. Thank you Mr. Zag. You deserve a service award. Thank you Air Serv for hiring professionals like Mr. Stan Zag.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Ms Mynawattie Toolsee deserves recognition for the extraordinary service she provide my wife and me. She pushed my wife's wheel chair, she pulled one of our suitcases, she guided us thru the maze of JFK thru customs and security, she consoled us as my wife vomited. She saved our day. We could not have made it without her. Thank you for commending her dedicated service even after her normal quitting time.  (From JFK International Airport)


I wanted to send you a message to tell you of excellent service I received recently from one of your employees. Mr. Calvin Belfield was more than helpful. I was traveling alone with a small child from Tel Aviv to Atlanta and had to change planes at JFK.  Due to a recent injury I needed a wheelchair and I was lucky to get Mr. Belfield as my escort. His knowledge of all the procedures helped expedite us through a very busy JFK. Along the way he managed to help more than three other passengers. He also arranged for our seats from JFK to ATL to be changed as they had my small child and myself seated separately. I must comment that I have been traveling internationally for over 30 years and have never received such dedicated service from an airport employee. Hats off to Mr. Belfield and thank you again!  (From JFK International Airport)

Your employee Juan, who works as a wheelchair assistant with Air Serv on B-North in the morning is always consistently helpful and is always at the ready to assist with on the spot and unplanned situations. I have seen him come in early and get information and disseminate it to the rest of his team members regularly. Juan is a "Jewel" and this is only a small measure of how the Delta Employees value his efforts. From the entire B-North Delta Airlines Team, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO JUAN! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I was met at my gate by Liza Palisoc and she pushed me in a chair all over the terminal to outstanding gates for my flight to Charlotte NC. I cold not have walked that far, and her pleasant personality was a joy. Thank you for the service. (From San Francisco International Airport)


Hi Air Serv team!  I'm so glad to be served by Jose Guerrero, one of your employees.  He helped me to go to the bag section because I didn't know how get there and he walked with me and showed me. I g0t his name. He is a nice employee - Congratulations! (From Newark-Liberty International Airport)


Calvin Belfiehl at JFK was OUTSTANDING! We were pleasantly greeted as he asked us if we needed help. There were 6 of us traveling together and 3 had special needs due to age and handicaps. Calvin was genuinely friendly, kind and helpful. He remembered our names and helped us get through the maze at JFK from an international customs check-in to boarding our connecting flight! He made us feel comfortable and was a BLESSING to us in our long journey! Thank You Air Serv for providing wonderful, friendly, and helpful people to assist the weary and very needy travelers! Calvin is a great asset to your company! (From John F. Kennedy International Airport)


Alitash Getahun was especially kind and helpful when I was needing a wheelchair going to my flight to Boston. (From Los Angeles International Airport)


Donald Walker, Jr. helped my mother-in-law by wheelchair to get her and us to our change of planes. He was quick, very kind, compassionate, informative and gave us OVER AND BEYOND SERVICE! Please recognize Donald in Atlanta. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I am thankful for the outstanding wheelchair assistance given to my mom by Erlinda Pagaduan. It was a very busy day at the airport and with limited time getting to the gate, Ms. Pagaduan was very helpful and assured us not to worry. She got us through security and to the gate smoothly and on time. (From San Francisco International Airport)


I travel frequently between Phoenix, Arizona, and San Francisco. This is the second time that I have been assisted from my flight to my ground transportation at SFO by your employee Liza Palisoc. She is a great asset to your company. The help she gave me and her fantastic customer service skills just made my day. I hope she meets my flights in the future. She was such a joy to have to assist me. Thank You!  (From San Francisco International Airport)


I just wanted to thank Mr. P. Davies and Mr. Fahad Mohammed of Air Serv for their truly outstanding service during my parents' transit in London Heathrow Airport. Both my parents and in-laws (Party of 4 elderly people) from Sri Lanka going to Miami, USA had a 15-hour transit time in LHR and they had to spend the night in the airport. Two passengers needed wheelchair assistance. (From Sri Lankan Airlines to Virgin Atlantic) Your above employees guided them to a nice area in Terminal 4 outside security after helping them to get the required immigration approvals and then showed them where to buy dinner, etc. They spent the night with peace of mind and called us here in the USA to let us know that they were doing OK. That was a great relief to us, too. Thanks again for taking great care of them. Your service is truly exemplary. I would like to highly commend the service of Mr. P. Davies and Mr. Fahad Mohammed. (From London Heathrow Airport)


Amare Engdazhu went out of his way to be helpful to me. I am 83 yrs old and would never had made my connecting flight to Boston had it not been for Amare. An old fashioned gentlemen. He's a keeper!!!! (From Denver International Airport)


I want to commend Ms. Michelle Brown for her assistance when I was traveling. She gave excellent service, was friendly, helpful, patient. I couldn't ask for anything more. I really appreciated the care she gave. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Conrado Zulaybar Escorted me to my plane and was most courteous and helpful. I really appreciated his help. (From San Francisco International Airport)

My wife and I were traveling from Japan to Chicago. Our original travel plans changed so we stopped in Seattle for a few hours. Being disabled, I have a great difficulty walking and we had real concerns about changing terminals. I don't know what we would have done without Mike A. He met us with a wheelchair when we arrived and did a great job of handling our luggage, getting us through customs and immigration, and navigating us through the maze of SEA-TAC in plenty of time. He was pleasant, knowledgeable, and hardworking. Since I'm a big guy, I must admit I felt a little guilty having him work so hard. He is a great employee and represents your company well. (From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)


Reynaldo Dela Cruz was such a sprite, happy, efficient and helpful driver at the airport. He needs recognition - he just got if from me. THANKS! (From Denver International Airport)


When I fly trough Atlanta, from California to Florida, I request a wheelchair as I am 86 and the airport is huge and connections are difficult for an old guy like me. The young woman who whisked me around to my next flight is Charity (A beautiful name for a beautiful person). You are lucky to have her in your firm. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I am 81 and was traveling from Japan to Sea-Tac.  Mike A. assisted me from the moment I disembarked the plane, through customs and to baggage claim where I was met by my daughters.  Mike was very courteous, patient and extremely helpful.  Mike exemplifies the ultimate in customer service and should be commended.  I really appreciated his assistance.  (From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)

Manuel Gray escorted my Auntie and was very kind and understanding of her needs. I wanted to say he made sure she was comfortable and she left LA with a good experience. Thank you Manuel! (From Los Angeles International Airport)


I just wanted to tell you of the beyond excellent care shown to me today by Kwan Banks. She went so far beyond just pushing my wheelchair to the baggage claim area. Not only did she help me secure a motel (at Delta's expense) and meal vouchers for my delayed, then cancelled flight, she waited with me until the shuttle bus to the motel showed up. I was a financial service rep at one of Mississippi's largest banks for 30 years so I can truly appreciate what great customer service is. She deserves some recognition for the high quality of service provided. Thank you for having a great employee to help others. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


We were running behind to make our flight, with two young children, and an infant. Maggie Cui pulled us out of an extremely long security line, and brought us to the front to help us make our flight. We wouldn't have made it without her. I'm so thankful for helpful people like Maggie. They are a rare breed in customer service these days. (From Los Angeles International Airport)


I needed help to get through Atlanta to get home and Darren L. Butler met me at the plane. He was friendly, upbeat, and handled his task with the utmost professionalism. He's a credit to your company. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I didn't get the young ladies name but she was great! I arrived Tucson at approximately 10PM and was really hurting. She took to her job cheerfully and efficiently. Sorry no name but you can probably figure it out, she said she's been doing that for 4 years. (From Tucson International Airport)


I arrived in Atlanta shortly before 5:00 p.m. with less than 40 minutes to make my connecting flight to Augusta, GA. I had wheelchair assistance by Ramona Leigh. I would like to commend her on the excellent service she gave. Not only did I make my flight with time to spare, I spent an enjoyable trip across the airport visiting with her. She was courteous, friendly and extremely efficient not only to me but with others she was able to assist on our way. Thank you and Ms. Leigh for a stress-free & pleasant connection! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I am a frequent traveler and I had an all too rare positive experience with one of your employees. Vanessa, who was working the United bag check in, had the most positive outlook. She was energetic and seemed to really enjoy her job. Anymore I seem to deal with more crabby employees than positive ones. She brightened my day by just doing her job with a positive attitude. I wish I had her employee# or last name but I am hoping you know who this employee is and can pass this note along to her and her management. If I could deal with her every time and at each airport I visit, it would make my travel a lot less frustrating. She is a stellar employee and a great face to Air Serv. (From O'Hare International Airport)


Due to over an hour delay from Paris, and going through immigration and customs, I only had 7 minutes to make my flight to Norfolk, VA.  Shannon Stegall saw me wandering around trying to find my way to my next gate and he took charge. He took me on the train, all the time assuring me "I'm going to get you there", which he did (by some miracle)!  After a grueling 17-hour flight from Spain/Paris it was wonderful to meet such a dedicated young man whose attitude is a credit to your organization. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I had the pleasure of meeting and being assisted by Frank Gibson of Air Serv Corporation.  I required the assistance of a wheel chair to walk to the gate at Terminal 5 to board a flight. Mr. Gibson was assigned to walk me in the chair through security and to the gate. Mr. Gibson should be commended for being courteous and professional in his attention to the duty at hand. He certainly made the trip to the gate smooth and uneventful. I would like to thank him and Air Serv and JetBlue for making this part of my journey much easier than I had anticipated. Please ensure that this letter is placed in Mr. Gibson's personnel folder and that his Supervisor Tony is made aware of his exceptional service. (From JFK International Airport)


Shannon Stegall could see I was having a tough time getting from gate B3 to my next flight at gate B32 with my heavy bags. He gave me a lift and saved me. Thank you! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I want to commend Ian Bryan for the very friendly service he gave me when I had to transfer planes in Atlanta. He was not supposed to be the person who was supposed to take my wheelchair from Concourse D to Concourse A, but he quickly saw the problem and said he would take me. He was the most polite person and very personable, and made sure I made my connecting flight on time. The man I had on my previous encounter a week before was the complete opposite and was most curt and unpleasant. This time it made my experience in the airport much better even though I hope I never have to go to that terminal ever again. I feel Ian went above and beyond his duty and think he should be honored for his deed. Thank you! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I have mobility issues and when my departure gate changed at the last minute, Franklin went above and beyond to assist me in moving from one gate to the other. I made my flight and arrived home on time. I just want to thank him for his excellent work. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Maggie Cui gave excellent customer service to my Mom, who needed a wheelchair, plus aid in security. Great job! (From Los Angeles International Airport)

Maggie Cui provided my wife and I exceptional service, with my wife being mobility impaired. The assistance provided enabled us to make a relatively short connection with time to spare. Without her assistance, wheelchair, directions, etc., there is no way we could have made our onward flight. Again, I wish to commend Maggie for her thoughtfulness, help, and kind attention to our needs. Please pass on our thanks.   (From Los Angeles International Airport) 

Kundu was my assistant in getting me and my children to our gate. I had knee surgery and he was funny and had a great attitude during my transition. He was very thorough and helped with a smile. I thank him so for making me feel valued.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta

I must let you know that Jaiauna Lomax is a huge asset to your company! What a delightful person. She was happy and friendly, not just to us, but also with her peers as she passed people she knew or recognized. In her short time at that huge airport, she has become very knowledgeable on her whereabouts and the best, most efficient way to get from point a to point b. She is definitely a keeper!

(From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta) 

My mother was taken to her flight by a very nice Air Serv employee named Gita Nath. She was courteous and patient with my mother, who has mobility and balance problems. We were at the gate in plenty of time, we appreciated her help.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta

Wheel chair agent Ms. Gaffur Babitah was most kind and helpful. She even gave her personal cell phone for us to notify family of our arrival as we had no local currency. All this with a smile, giving us the feeling that me and my wife, both senior citizens, were most welcome. As providence had it, she helped us on both flights: into JFK, and then again, out to Toronto. Thank you for having such wonderful employees who care.  (From JFK International Airport, New York) 

I commend employee Gita Nath for a job well done for getting me to my gate in no time considering that my gate was a good distance from where we started.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta

I would like to commend Mr. Myron Maxewell for his caring and devotion to customer service. On our family trip to Las Vegas Mr. Maxewell assisted a friend of ours who was having difficulties while waiting for our connecting fight to Las Vegas. If not for his fast actions, our friend and elderly lady may have suffered a heart attack. He took such good care of her and was so caring towards her she calmed down and felt much better in a short time. He followed what I would call a very professional approach to what could have been a serious situation and offered all the services that we may have required. Thank you so very much Mr. Maxewell -- we hope to see you the next time we travel through Denver.  (From Denver International Airport)


We would like to commend Mike Brown for helping make our short stay at Denver Airport pleasant and comfortable. He was cheerful, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. Denver Airport is not that easy to get around and Mike was such a tremendous help. He is one great guy. (From Denver International Airport)

Aung Zan Win is to be commended for his expert and kind transporting of me. Intelligent. Organized. Knowledgeable. He is a fine representative of your company. Hopefully Aung Zan Win will be training new employees. He is Excellent. I had a hip replacement and could never ever have walked from Terminal 1 to 4. Thank you for hiring Aung Zan Win. (From San Francisco International Airport)

I have to say I fly United because of Air Serv. Many years ago, I met the O'Hare manager, Tom, and noticed an email address on a feedback card. I wrote inquiring if I could email when I was traveling and request a particular Passenger Assistance Specialist. Tom immediately responded and we were off and running with a spectacular relationship. I cannot tell you the stress it relieved to know Tom would have CJ or Linda waiting at door to greet me as I pulled up. I would not have to worry about getting my luggage inside as sometimes it was carry on or if I would have to wait 30 minutes for assistance.  It was a win/win for us both as Tom could plan and I was a very satisfied customer. Tom retired a few years back but he was sure to introduce me to the new person, Faisal Mustafa, who picked up the relationship immediately as well and provided excellent customer service. The heart of the story though, is I recently traveled to Dallas, TX and as usual Faisal set up my rides and he let someone know in an email about assistance in Dallas. I was not sure what he was talking about but was thrilled as usual to see Linda at the upon my arrival at O'Hare.  Upon landing in Dallas, I learned a lot more. Faisal has been working in Dallas a number of months unbeknownst to me. He had arranged the Air Serv people in Dallas to be ready for me in the terminal. So Faisal and his manager, James McQuillen went out of their way to ensure I was accommodated both upon arrival and departure from Dallas. I felt so special and cared for it made my week. This team deserves special kudos, Faisal Mustafa, Brad Lindskog, CJ, Linda, Negal (and many others at O'Hare) and James McQuillen and of course Tom (and I wish I could remember his last name.)   (From Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)  

Passenger Assistant Specialist S. Ponder exceeded any and all of our expectations of customer service. I am a 47 year old 100% disabled USAF veteran. My wife and I were treated with the utmost respect and dignity possible.  I am not positive if it was our to or from that we met S. Ponder at Hartsfield-Jackson airport so please take the time to thank her for us and to also take the appropriate actions to recognize her for her impeccable service to others.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta

I flew from Philadelphia to Knoxville, Tennessee and had to switch planes in Atlanta.  Michelle Brown was my "pusher" to get to the other terminal as I was in a wheel chair.  She was fantastic! I lost her card and just found it. I would like to thank her. I have remembered her service when I talk about my travel experiences. She was great. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Thaddues Statum was very helpful in assisting me at the Atlanta airport. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Very good service by Brenda Lovelace at Atlanta airport! (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)  

This Atlanta airport is mighty scary to a recent lady with a total knee replacement, But, the kind, knowledgeable, and beautiful Brenda Lovelace saved the day! Ms. Lovelace made me feel at ease as she answered my questions as she took me to baggage claim...Brenda was a" breath of fresh air", and your company is blessed to have her! She is a wonderful representative for Air Serv, and she makes you all look so good. Many thanks Brenda Lovelace and congratulations!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)  

I would like to commend your valuable Passenger Assistance Specialist, Alicia Caballero. She was our lifesaver when we took that trip home from LAX to IAD. She was so pleasant to talk to and very professional with us and at the same time made us feel so relaxed. We were early at the airport so by the time we got to our gate, she was sent on another run but I heard her talking to the dispatcher that in case she is not around to accompany us, the dispatcher should send somebody to take my aunt to the plane. I was beginning to get worried because our plane already started boarding and my aunt still had nobody to take her when all of a sudden, here comes Alicia who is a little short of breath rushing towards my aunt and she made sure that she gets to our plane safe and sound. In fact, she was on her break but she just thought to check back to make sure that we got taken care of. She was truly an angel. I wish you had more Alicia Caballeros in your company. She is really an asset. Thank you so much and we appreciate every minute of the time that she spent with us especially with my aunt.  (From Los Angeles International Airport) 


I would like to thank Alicia Caballero Passenger Assistance Specialist for helping and assisting me to find my way and for making it easier for me to be rebooked on my flight to Chicago O'Hare. Without her I might not have been able to get through on my flight to Chicago O'Hare. Once again thanks so much for the care and assistance. (From Los Angeles International Airport)

I was sending my 90 year old mother back to Connecticut. She needed wheelchair assistance and Kundu assisted us. I was able to secure a gate pass to accompany Mother to the gate. Kundu was compassionate, patient, friendly and knew when to make conversation and when to focus on getting us through the airport. It was a pleasure.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Wanted to give a big thank-you for Johnnie Pennington who found my phone when I dropped it on the airplane and brought it out to me at baggage claim. Sorry to be so late with this recognition, I lost the note with her name on it and just found it today. Thanks again! (From Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Cincinnati)


Traveling with an invalid was difficult, but your customer representative, Gita Noth, went above and beyond what I am sure her job description is to enable my mother and I to get to the places we needed to go carefully and efficiently. She even helped me keep track of my baggage for me when I almost left without it from the rental car counter! She is a credit to your company.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I needed wheelchair assistance from a connecting flight at Dulles and Elias Alemu pushed me from the furthest gate to the other and made our connection on time... Kudos' to him.  (From Dulles International Airport, Washington DC)

I was very ill when I arrived at SFO and required wheelchair assistance to get from the gate to baggage claim. Rita Sorkina arrived with the chair and assisted me with this. She was sweet, gentle and very helpful while making me feel comfortable during a tough situation. Air Serv was well represented with her and she is a wonderful employee. (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)

I traveled to the UK with my elderly sister and we would like to express our thanks to Shilem Patel with Omni Serv (Special Assistant). He was friendly, polite and extremely helpful, ensuring our smooth passage from disembarking from our flight to delivery to our waiting transport on the 3rd floor of the car park. He helped to brighten our day after a long and tiring flight. Please pass on our grateful thanks. (From London Heathrow Airport, London)

I had to use a wheelchair to get to my gate. Ms Daisy Clements assisted me. She was kind, friendly and very efficient. She provided me with the best assistance I have ever gotten during my many years of air travel.  (From Denver International Airport, Denver)


I would like to commend your employee Edward Rosser, Passenger Assistance Specialist for the most professional and courteous way that he assisted me and other passengers during our challenges to get to the proper gate on time. As you must know, some flight days leave a lot to be desired, but his attention to our needs really made an a rough situation a bit more bearable. Thank you Edward for your assistance, it was greatly appreciated. Your company should be proud to have young men like Edward there to represent you.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I just wanted to thank you for Passenger Assistance Specialist, Alicia Caballero. She assisted me at LAX.  I have MS and because my United flight was so delayed, I only had a few minutes to get from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8.  Alicia was very prompt and got me to my gate in time.  (From Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles)

I would like you to know what you have a dedicated and hard working employee in Alicia Caballero. My husband and I were coming home from a very long trip and an especially long flight from Sydney to LA and eventually New Bern, NC. I have Pulmonary Hypertension and asthma. I don't normally need a wheelchair and I don't think I look like I need one. But after flying all night without oxygen - I will never do that again- I could barely stand for 5 seconds. Alicia Caballero was a lifesaver. She went above and beyond the call of duty. She stayed with us, running and pushing the chair until she made sure we made our flight. She even stayed beyond her normal working hours. If it were not for her extraordinary efforts there is no telling what the outcome would have been. It is people like Alicia that make organizations stand out and we salute her. We ask that you recognize her in what ever way is at your disposal. Well done Alicia. Thank you, thank you!  (From Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles)

Rita Sorkina, in San Francisco International Airport, was very kind and knowledgeable. She was very helpful and friendly, I was very grateful for her service.  (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


My husband (who needs a wheelchair) and I wanted to tell you how helpful one of your employees was. His name is A. Juber. He not only assisted us in every way but did it with a very nice demeanor. We wish more were like him.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I want to thank Air Serv and Omar Urtecho-Vargas for the service offered to me and my mother. He very nicely and friendly did wheel chair service for my mom from the checkpoint to the boarding gate. I was worried about us not getting to the gate on time to take our flight because the security line was so long.  But Omar took us to a short cut line and helped my mom put her things into a tub and helped her to get through the metal detector.  He took us to the right gate just a few minutes before the gate closed up.  He made our day.  Thanks for the help he gave us, especially to my mother.  Thanks, Air Serv, for having this type of workers working along with you.  (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)



I would like to acknowledge Joseph A. Booker Jr. for his outstanding customer service and professional demeanor. If it wasn't for him I would have not made my connecting flight to Pensacola, Florida in time. I was advised to go to gate B8 from the information screen located in the airport and once I arrived to that gate, I was told by the flight representative that my connecting flight was on the other side of the concourse at B28. This left me in a panic due to me flying on military orders and needing to get to my final destination in time. I noticed Joseph right away and asked him if he would be so kind as to help me get to the correct gate and without hesitation he did. I was appreciative and thankful for his service not only because he took initiative but because by the time I arrived to the right gate, I still had an additional 10 minutes until the plane was scheduled to board. I would like Joseph A. Booker Jr. to be recognized because it's Air Serv employees like him who makes flying a lot easier and more gracious.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


A big thank you for the excellent help to my wife (wheel chair) in getting from one gate to another and thus assuring that she got on her next flight.  Also, for a great employee, Mr.  Erehais (Rich) Prator for his friendliness and dedication to helping people.  Thanks again to aAir Serv for a great job.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I want to commend Gita Nath. I was dropped off at the lobby and she wheeled me thru security to the train and gate.  She untied my shoes and retied them, took off my jacket and helped me get it back on and fixed my shirt collar. She was pleasant throughout. This was the most pleasant part of the trip from Atlanta to Tucson. She is to be commended for her wonderful attitude and treatment of me. I am 85½.   

(From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I use a walker and was very impressed by the help given to me by Rita Sorkina. I can honestly say that in all the years I have traveled, with and without a walker, her assistance far surpassed any other I have had and made traveling easier for me.  (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


I was returning home to Colorado from eye surgery at the Cincinnati Eye Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was not steady on my feet and truly appreciated the assistance given me by Hasan Chorldhury who helped me find the proper gate and pushed my wheelchair through security, and made sure I was settled to wait for my flight. Traveling is not a pleasure any more for me as an older traveler (age 82) but if all airports had such professional, courteous people like Hasan, it would take some of the stress off traveling.   (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Mr. Calvin Belfield is  truly a GREAT AND OUTSTANDING PERSON. THE TRUE DEFINITION OF A HARD WORKER AND A CONSIDERATE PASSIONATE PERSON. My dad has been very sick and running around from place to place, this young man, truly patient and understanding, went out of his way more then we expect from any people. Mr. Calvin made sure he was taken care of properly and promptly. In Louisiana we call tha langiappe. I have worked at the airport and customer service for 8 years now and I know how fast paced and hard of a job it is and taking the time to acknowledge this man is important. Thank you for being leaders so that people like Mr. Calvin do their job with a passion. Please give all your team players and Mr. Calvin the recognition they deserve. Thanks for being here to assist people in their times of needs.  (From JFK International Airport, New York)


I just wanted to thank Kimberly Robertson for taking care of me at the airport. I never had to use a wheel chair before and she helped me with all the forms, getting through security and making sure I made it to the gate on time to make my flight. Thank you Kimberly!  (From Denver International airport, Denver)


Kundu was timely, accurate and personable. He made me laugh and smile, as did everyone with whom he came in contact. A true asset to your company. As I come thru this airport frequently and always in a wheel chair, it is lovely to think that service such as this awaits me, when many time at other airports There may be service, but without the joy and kindness.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I am writing to send a vote of thanks for the seven young men who met the Delta flight from Barcelona Spain.  The group worked together as a team.  They were professional, efficient and their jovial spirits put us at ease.  They explained what they were doing, what the airport process was for passengers entering the country. They were fast and especially kind.  They managed us, our luggage and personal wheel chairs in an almost effortless way.  Thank you so much for their assistance.  Mr. Alan Langford was the team leader, and they were all great.  Thank you so much.

The service I received was exemplary by all that served me and one in particular Ebonee Johnson. She was sweet, knowledgeable and very caring. She got me to my gate on time with some to spare. I thank her so very much.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Janice Steadman was waiting with sign in hand at the end of the exit walk. She was so kind to escort me in her mobile cart to my next boarding area. Not having to walk the distance with a cane and artificial hip was a luxury. She was informative, extremely personal and helpful in every way. It made my trip more pleasurable, comfortable and eased my mind and anxiety about traveling alone. Thank you Janice.  (From Jackson-Evers International Airport, Jackson MS)


I was a passenger requesting wheelchair services as I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Hypertension, and as a result, walking long distances is not an option for me.  Ms. Sheena Nelson was my wheelchair assistant. The service I received was OUTSTANDING! After seeing me through customs and baggage pickup, she took me to Ground Transportation and made sure the hotel shuttle drive to JFK to pick me up. She not only remained with me, she was cognizant about my care, and mobility as I could not take the Air train due to health issues mentioned above. I am hopeful that all your staff is as professional, caring and attentive to passengers needs as Ms. Nelson.  I felt totally comfortable and secured being assisted by this extraordinary young lady. If I could, I would request her services every time I fly out of JFK, and would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.  I want you to know she is a rare and precious gem. Air Serv has a winner with this young woman.   (From JFK International Airport, New York)

Rita Sorkina assisted me in getting to my gate after recent knee surgery. I had a miserable experience in Chicago with assistance and almost missed my flight, so I was pleasantly surprised by her. She was efficient, considerate and polite. She even went the extra mile to be sure she arranged for me to be met by a chair in Washington, DC and made the service desk people aware of where I was sitting- which was as close to the gate as she could get me. She even made sure I didn't need restroom facilities before she left. That's REAL service. Very impressive. It's clear she is a hard worker and takes pride in the job she does.  (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


I needed Wheel Chair assistance due to a broken foot. Ms. Daisy Clements assisted me. I would like to let you know what an exemplary employee you have. She was courteous, friendly, happy and very helpful. Definitely a star in your corporation!!  (From Denver International Airport, Denver)


It was one of those dreaded holiday flying days when I disembarked at one end of the concourse and had to get to the other end of the concourse for my next flight. Then Donald Harper came into my life. He provided the wheelchair assistance to transport me the length of Concourse B. This is a detail man. He double checked my next gate assignment and carefully negotiated our way through the holiday traffic in the evening rush hour. We passed two motorized carts with no driver or passengers. I'd probably still be waiting at my arrival gate had it not been for Donald. He provided great service and is a wonderful representative of AIR SERV. Thank you Donald.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Uttam Sarkar assisted me in getting from my arriving plane to the passenger pick-up area at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. After initially asking me where I needed to go, he then asked if I needed to use the restroom. In all my years of wheelchair assistance, Mr. Sarkar was the first airport employee to ask this very personal question. He is to be commended for his efforts to consider my needs. Super employee.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I would very much like to thank the lovely young lady who helped me in when I was in need of help in the wheel chair, your kind aide and assistance, was greatly appreciated. thank you ever so much, Rita Sorkina.   (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


I would like to express my gratitude to Air Service Corporation for the outstanding service provided last at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, more exactly to Mr. Eddie Ashcraft - Passenger Assistance Specialist. After a long and exhaustive 10 hour flight from Brazil (DL 104), it was a blessing to have Mr. Eddie waiting for us at the jet way with a wheel chair for my mother-in-law. His energetic attitude, politeness, competence and knowledge of all immigration, security and baggage claim procedures made everything simple and quick. I have been flying Delta for the past 20 years, but what happened last Saturday was remarkable. It always good to meet people that really make the difference. Mr. Eddie executed a superb job. Please extend my gratitude to Mr. Eddie and definitely we will be looking for him next time we need Air Service. Thanks again.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Nadine House and Linda Kasprnak where very helpful to me and my 82 year old Dad. they both where kind and understanding.  (From Chicago O’Hare International Airport)


Roberto Fiala was kind and respectful as he pushed my wheelchair through the airport. I appreciated his friendly demeanor and calm manner. I’m thankful for people like Roberto.  (From Chicago O’Hare International Airport)


Daisy Clements was kind and respectful as she pushed my wheelchair through the airport. I appreciated her friendly demeanor and calm manner. I’m thankful for people like Daisy.  (From Denver International Airport, Denver)


Rita Sorkina has a charming personality and a willingness to really do the extra things to make one feel special. I hope she is valued and appreciated. My husband and I certainly were impressed.  (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


Ms. Rita Sorkina was extremely helpful wheeling and taking care of my brother-in-law, who is handicapped Her patience and help was very much appreciated. Ms. Rita Sorkina is truly an asset to your Company. My family and I thank you for having her as an employee.  (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


Rita Sorkina was a tremendous help getting me from the gate to the luggage console and then to my motel limo.  (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


Our family can’t say enough or thank you enough for Darren Butler, who assisted our family with wheelchair assistance at ATL. Darren exudes an impressive and empowering energy in his professionalism and manner. With a warm and friendly charm, Darren made us feel very well looked after from the moment we stepped inside the terminal all the way to boarding the aircraft, helping with luggage, seating, and even calming a few frazzled nerves. We really wish he could have stayed with us on the flight! Congratulations on being represented by such an outstanding employee, Mr. Darren L. Butler.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Maria Cora Mendez helped my father and me so very much by being his wheelchair transport and facilitating the process of his checking in, my receiving a gate pass, clearing security, and getting to the gate on time in a crunch. She was kind, thoughtful, proactive, funny, and efficient. Thank you for having her as one of your great employees. She went above and beyond and it was appreciated. She has helped ensure that we use your services again. (From San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco)


We flew into the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport from Amsterdam on KLM0621. Since we had a long trip to make to the boarding area of KLM9619 to catch a flight to Kansas City, MO we requested help. Our Passenger Assistant Specialist was Erekais "Rick" Prator. We were very impressed and thankful to have such a competent, friendly and professional person to take us to where we needed to go. Thanks so much.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


I am a Delta flight attendant and Ashanti and her crew, Sheila Allen and Victor Fallin did an excellent job of cleaning the lavatories. They used bleach in addition to the usual cleaner and I have never had a lav smell and feel cleaner. Please make this a standard practice!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)


Alaric Joe was very nice and made my first time traveling in a wheel chair at ease and very comfortable. You should be proud to have him serve for you. Thank You!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

We were actually in Atlanta, travelling to Ireland. I came from Pensacola; my 80 year old mother came from St. Louis. I had to meet her flight, then get ourselves to another concourse for our International flight. Glenda Putman happened along and gave us a ride to our gate which was all the way at the end of the concourse. She was a godsend. My mom was getting worn out from all the walking because Atlanta is so big. Glenda was kind and courteous and we really appreciated the ride to our gate.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Mr. Alaric Joe was a very nice and patient young man in helping me with my needs to the gate. I thank God for good people.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

While rushing from my arriving gate to my connection, I was assisted by Glenda Jackson. She was extraordinarily gracious in transferring me and assuring me we would make my flight. She is an outstanding employee.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I would like Alton Hardnett's supervisor to know how very pleased I was with his kind and professional assistance in getting me from one flight to the next.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Janana Stanley escorted me thru the airport via wheelchair and was the best person I’ve ever had. I just wanted to make sure she is recognized for her excellent customer service.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Carrie Figgins passed me as she headed down the E concourse. When I asked her, she stopped and drove me to my gate so I could make my connection. You see I recently had back surgery and although I do not look handicapped, I do have limitations in mobility. Carrie is a safe driver and a pleasant person, truly an asset to your organization. Thanks Carrie! P.S. good brakes!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I must commend Ms. Carrie Figgins for providing me exemplary service, she is a treasure. Thank you.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Uttam Sarkar provided wheelchair assistance for my departing flight. He was very polite and attentive and competent in services rendered. I rate him outstanding. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

My father arrived at Hartsfield at 1:48 from Tampa. He was on his way to Zurich with a 2 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta. My sister and I hadn’t seen my father in almost 2 years, since the death of my mother, so we were planning to meet my dad at the baggage area, thinking this would be the best place to meet. Thinking then we could go and sit and have lunch or a cup of coffee. My dad is 85 years old and sometimes needs assistance, so we had called to see if it would be possible to meet him at his arrival gate and assist him to the connecting gate. We were told that it wouldn’t be possible and that they would provide him with assistance. That help came in the form of Andrae Grant with AIR SERV. What a blessing he turned out to be. My dad told him that he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make it to baggage claim to meet us and make it back to his connecting gate. Andrae took my dad in a wheelchair to his connecting gate, T5 and then with a description only of my sister, (my dad left his cell phone in FL) came to baggage claim to look for my sister. After approaching 10 ladies and not giving up he came up and found my sister. He said, “I have your dad at T5 and if you will wait right here I will go back and get him and bring him here to you.” We waited for about 30 more minutes and Andrae came back alone, saying that when he got back to T5 my dad had left, possibly to come find us on his own. Sounds like something that my dad would do. Andrae went out of his way to help my dad and my sister and I. Going back and forth from the concourse to baggage claim and back again was something that he probably didn’t have to do but did out of a kind heart and compassion for us, he said he hadn’t seen his own family in several years and went out of his way to help my sister and I reconnect with my father. Thank you so much for having such caring associates and please relay to Andrae how much his help meant to us and how much we appreciate him going out of his way to help. Please also tell him that we followed his advice and appealed to the agents at the ticket counter and they gave us passes to go to the connecting gate that my dad would be flying out of and we did get to spend some time with him before he left. Thank you again and please let me know if there is anyway that my sister and I might contact Andrae directly and possibly send him a gift card.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

My family was returning from a wonderful 2 week vacation when, arriving in Atlanta, we were at risk of missing the last connecting flight of the night to Jacksonville. I am a quadriplegic who, being the last ones taken off the plane, had to wait for my wheelchair. As we waited we could see our chance of making our flight slipping away. As we got me in my chair they told us they had called ahead and told our connection to wait for us. So we were off to the races! However, my Mom has severe arthritis and, of course, our connection was in a whole other concourse. She was trying to hurry but there was no way. Then God sent Donald Harper with wheelchair in hand to pick up my Mom. Understand that he had not been paged, had no reason to be there at that time, except he was meant to be there. He took my Mom and led all of us through the maze that is Hartsfield. It is only because of Mr. Harper that we made our flight and didn't have to spend the night in the airport. Thank you and God bless you Mr. Harper!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I want to commend a Mr. Bondworth (I hope I have that right) at ATL, who provided wheelchair service for my Grandmother during our trip to Florida. My Grandmother is 87 and requires much assistance when traveling. Mr. Bondworth was very kind and patient as he helped us through TWO complete tours of the airport (we had a gate change from one side of the airport to the other). He was also very knowledgeable about the airport and the city, and was quite happy to answer any questions we had. His help made our time at the airport much easier than I had anticipated. If you could pass on to him a 'job very well done and thank you!'  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

At the Atlanta Airport I needed a wheelchair to get through the airport and one was waiting for my flight from Albuquerque. The person who pushed me was Pamela Grissom and she was the most enjoyable person to talk to. She was attentive to my needs and she was very professional getting me to the baggage claim and to my family who was waiting. You should clone her, because she made the trip through the airport so enjoyable for me and my husband.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Thank-you for hiring people like Latricia Rowser. She made my Mom's arrival at Hartsfield so much more pleasant and LESS stressful for us than we anticipated. Mom has had open heart surgery and now diagnosed with P.A.D. and it makes lengthy walks almost impossible for her. I was really concerned that she would not be able to get from the flight to the baggage area where we were to meet. Mom later told that Latricia was waiting for her when she got off the plane and how courteous Latricia was in offering to stop at the restroom after her flight and her politeness in general. When they arrived where I was waiting, I asked if it were possible to go out to the parking garage with her and she so graciously agreed to. What an awesome lady. You are very fortunate to have her. Thank- you for providing such services and awesome people to carry them out. We are looking forward to her next visit.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

This was my first time flying. We left from Charleston, WV to Atlanta. When we got off that plane there was supposed to be a 40 minute layover. Even though the flight was on time, we had to rush to board our next plane. My sister-in-law got back online and changed our flight back so we could have assistance getting to the planes. My passenger assistance specialist was Marcus Burk. My mother’s assistance specialist’s first name was Sarah. We some how lost the card with her name on it. But they were both very awesome. If it wasn't for them, we never would have made it. My mother and I both have Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy. I have herniated disks and we both have arthritis really bad in our spines. These two assistance specialists are both very knowledgeable as well as having a wonderful disposition. They shine. Should we travel again I would love to request them if possible. They eased my fears of not getting where we needed to be when we needed to be there. I would like to take this time to say Thank You very much to both of them. And my mother wanted to say a special Thank You to Sarah for helping her right into the airplane.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

My luggage did not arrive and the gates were wrong and then your employee stayed w/me.. Great job, Jessica Johnson(From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

A young lady by the name of Kenyatta Chance-Hall gave me the most outstanding services that I have ever received from this company. She went out her way to help me. I was waiting for a pusher for over 15 minutes and Ms. Chance was walking by with other employees of Air Serv and she was the first and the only one to offer her services. She pushed me all the way to baggage claim and even waited for 20 minutes until my daughter came and picked me up. She was a very sweet young lady -- she even refused to accept a tip for the outstanding customer services she gave. All she asked is that I prayed that for her good health and future success. I was amazed by her charm. (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

My family was traveling home to Denver from Flint MI. This was our first experience with Delta. At the Flint airport, we had not acceptance what so ever, we could not hear the overhead announcements due to construction. Our flight was delayed one hour -- confusion city!! But once we got to Atlanta, your employee Ramona Leigh changed our whole trip! We were traveling with an 98 year old Alzheimer patient, our flights were split up on the last stop, thank goodness Ramona was there to help ease some of our stress. She is a model employee very pleasant, very helpful and very KIND. Thank you for hiring such good people! She is a keeper!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I needed wheelchair assistance and was greatly helped by Rita Sorrina. I was taken from the plane through baggage claim through to the waiting airport shuttle bus. Rita was extremely helpful, everything was done with a cheerful disposition. A credit to your company.  (From San Francisco International Airport)

I arrived late for check-in and was doomed to miss my flight. The Duty Manager of Passenger Services, Mohamad Elmouzayen, intervened and went above and far beyond my expectations in attempting to get me on the flight. Though I missed the gate by 2 minutes Mr. Elmouzayen's effort was nothing short of unbelievable. He is a tremendous asset to your organization and I'm glad to have met him. In a world of mediocre customer service it was refreshing to see Mr. Elmouzayen in action. Please thank him again for me.  (From San Francisco International Airport)

My husband and I recently traveled with Delta Airlines and for the first time he needed wheelchair assistance. Your staff was truly remarkable and wonderful. We could never have made the trip w/o the assistance. On our outgoing flight there was a lady I believe was named Angela. I'm not sure about that. She was wonderful and on the return we ended up with several people assisting us, all of whom were wonderful. One name I was able to get was Gerald Wells but all of them were fantastic. Thank you. We truly could not have made the trip w/o their help and they made it a joyous experience.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I would like to complement the excellent service I received from Mrs. Charrise Elberhart. I am partially blind and this was the first time I had flown on my own with this problem. My biggest fear was getting lost in such a HUGE airport, but instead I was greeting with a huge smile! My fear disappeared!! She made sure I had all the things I needed, she walked with me offering me support and guidance while at the same time making conversation. It was such a pleasure!! I was so lucky that on my return flight on March 6th DL66 she was there to greet me as well!! Your company is lucky to have such a caring and energetic person! Charrise thank you for making my biggest fear such a pleasant experience!!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I am a passenger who requires assistance boarding and deplaning with an aisle chair. I would like to commend your staff member Virginia Machuca who deplaned me with such professionalism, skill and confidence. She then escorted be through customs and to my connecting gate making sure my bags were properly checked. She did it so efficiently and with a smile always keeping me abreast and communicating what I would encounter next. She was very polite and very engaging. I travel a lot and good customer service is not always a guarantee. I am glad to report that Agent Virginia Machuca provided good and skillful customer service which helped to make my travel experience pleasant. Thank You Virginia.  (From JFK International Airport)

Danny Ortiz provided outstanding wheelchair service to me during a recent business trip to Los Angeles. He went above and beyond to be friendly, helpful and a true example of excellent customer service. Way to go, Danny !  (From Los Angeles International Airport)

I needed a wheelchair once I arrived at LAX seeing I had just had surgery. The lady who helped me is named Shirley Blakley and she was very sweet and helpful. She removed my bag from the belt and wheeled me and my luggage to the Super Shuttle pick up. Once again she was a very nice lady, if it wasn't for her, there is no way I could have gotten through the airport on my own.  (From Los Angeles International Airport)

While traveling from Spartanburg to Atlanta and final destination to Cincinnati, Mr. Charles Thomas provided outstanding excellent service. I needed a wheel chair to get to my departure gate. Charles was gracious and diligent getting me another gentleman to our destination. He spirit and work efforts are to be commended and recognized.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I would like to commend one of your employees, Shila Barai for the assistance she provided to our traveling party on the evening of Sunday, February 7th. After climbing the escalator, one of the men in our group was having difficulty getting his breath. Shila observed his problem and offered a wheelchair. It was only with her help that we were able to get through customs, security, and to the gate in time to catch our connecting flight to Tallahassee. Dr. Harrington is diabetic and overweight and will be going for a stress test after this scare. Thank you for having such a fine employee in Shila Barai. She made all the difference!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Upon our arrival to San Francisco from Denver, Colorado on October 25, 2009, we were greeted by Mr. E. Shawn from Air Serv. He had come with a wheelchair to assist Miki as her health is compromised and she is unable to walk long distances. He was working with United that day and was an extremely friendly and accommodating employee. I know this is a bit delayed, please accept my apologies. E. Shawn had a smile on his face, patience in his heart and a strong body since Miki is a hefty lady to push, especially uphill. He willingly stopped for restroom needs, baggage and continued to demonstrate a positive attitude. Thank you for hiring E. Shawn.  (From San Francisco International Airport)

We just wanted to recognize a great employee you have, David Gardner. We were to depart on the last flight to Shreveport, LA. when it was cancelled. I was traveling with my diabetic step-father who needed wheel chair assistance. He could not stay overnight in the airport, and we did not know what to do. David Gardner came and helped us from start to finish, which included getting us a room and taking us to the hotel shuttle. He was truly our life saver, in a stressful time of need. He went above and beyond what his regular duties are. You truly have a valuable employee who does a great job and goes above and beyond to help people(From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Just wanted to commend the above and beyond service that Mr. Brandon Berksteiner provided to us upon my mother-in-law's (Grace Barnett) return to Atlanta airport. She became "lost" by not accepting wheel chair assistance and he diligently worked with us until she was found and safely delivered to the baggage claim area. He involved in the right parties to find her and stayed with us to communicate what was happening. Truly a great employee!  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Roy Jones stands watch at the exit to the secured area of the terminal 3. I travel frequently, and he is always there with a smile and a big carnation on his lapel. He is always alert, cheerful and professional -- and it makes my day to get a smile from him whenever I return home.  (From San Francisco International Airport)

We were traveling out from Dulles last Monday morning and I would like to thanks for providing us great customer service. Specially TSA didn't have enough lanes but still made our flight by getting great service. we were about to miss our flight but one of your supervisor Mr. Inam helped us a lot in order to made flight. Please forward my massage to your supervisor ."THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, KEEP IT UP".  (From Washington-Dulles International Airport)

I worked at Airserv between December 2008 and March 2009 in the Salt Lake City International Airport as Special Agent Service (Wheelchair). I liked too much to have been an Air Serv's employee and I miss too much! It's a serious company and committed to perform the best service to all the passengers.

I had taken a tumble between non-working moving sidewalks and a passenger put me into a wheelchair until we could find Shila who took over admirably taking me to my connecting flight gate, through immigration and customs. I had written you in June praising Donald Harper for a like journey through the same airport but that e-mail came back to me. Hope this one goes through giving accolades to both Donald and Shila. Many thanks.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

I don't know the gentleman's name who helped us, but he did a wonderful job guiding us (me with an infant and my mother Carol King in a wheelchair). I hope you can track him down by our names and commend him. His service was awesome and welcome in a stressful situation. Treat him well - he is a winner and a credit to your organization. (From Tampa International Airport, Tampa)

We received excellent service from Reggie! I wanted to be sure he gets a commendation for his service to us during a very rushed and stressful time. He got me and my mother (I had an infant and he assisted my mother in a wheelchair) to our gate in 20 minutes - if it was not for him, and his efforts getting us to our gate, we surely would have missed our flight. He saved our butts, literally and I want to be sure he gets credit for his hard work. Treat him well - he is a winner and a credit to your organization.  (From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta)

Adrienne Akindele was so helpful when she drove me in electric cart to my flight to Hawaii. She was so lovely and gracious with her kind words. Truly a class act. No wonder She is operations manager.;) (From O’Hare International Airport, Chicago.)

I am sending this mail to recognize the help and assistance provided by your employee, Tharcisse Maganya. He assisted my mother who was on her first solo trip to India from Seattle. Tharcisse was extremely courteous, kind and understanding. He waited till my mother finished her meals to wheelchair her out to the security. He helped her through security and then also as a finishing courtesy called me on my cell phone to let me know that she had boarded the plane and was well settled for her trip. My mother and I are very grateful for his help and his efforts made her anxieties seem little.

I am writing at this time to let you know about the good care that I received from Margarit Cui. On a return flight, I required wheelchair assistance. Margarit took me to the destination I required quickly and efficiently, and even though it was the early morning hours, she was very friendly, kind, and alert. I appreciated her helpfulness as I was alone in a strange city, in considerable pain and very, very tired. Margarit's friendliness helped to take my mind off of my pain and help me feel a little safer. She stayed with me until the shuttle I needed came and let me know how to get to my next stop. I apologize for taking so long to write this note, but I'm still recovering from my holiday. Also, I am using my friend's computer which is why there is a discrepancy in the names. Thank you for having such good and kind people on your staff.

I am writing in regard to your employee, Nayna Parekh. I was recently traveling and needed assistance with a wheelchair and Nayna was the person to attend to me. I was incredibly impressed with the level of customer service that she offered to me and asked her for the name of her boss, so that I could tell you so. Nayna made me fell very comfortable and exuded a high level of concern for my care and demonstrated a commitment to excellence that I believe is representative of only the highest quality people in the customer service field. In my travels I had many layovers and needed assistance several times and no one served me with the level of professionalism and personal attention that Nayna did. My hope is that you will recognize what a true gem you have in her!

In August I was returning home from a long trip to visit friends. I made it to the Seattle Tacoma airport in plenty of time to check in and get settled till my flight. I have RA and after getting checked in I made my way to the security line. The moment I saw the line to get through security I knew I would not be able to stand long enough to get through. For the first time in my life I had to ask for wheelchair assistance. I am only 54 and this was a very difficult moment for me. My passenger assistance specialist was Kim Seal. She worked swiftly and confidently to help me while still trying to assure me. I appreciate having her help and pray that you will acknowledge her efforts.

My wife, my son and I had arrived at the Atlanta airport at about 2PM with the intention of attending a 630PM wedding approximately 1 hour north of the airport. We had a "confirmed" auto rental reservation and were informed by the agent that there was a MINIMUM wait of 2 hours for an automobile. Because of time constraints, we could not afford an open ended wait for a car and no other cars were available at any of the other rental agencies. Bernadette Hasson saw our confusion and distress as we left the rental area, determined the nature of our problem and, after a long day at work (her first at Air Serv), drove us in her own car to our hotel in Marietta! You picked a winner when you hired her. Please see to it that she is highly commended.

Recently, my family flew out of DFW. My mother is in a wheelchair, which makes it difficult for us to fly. However, we had the nicest lady from Air Serv, named Nayna Parekh, assist us. It made all the difference in the world. She was so patient and even had our assigned seats changed so my mother could sit closer to the front. She was angel in disguise. I honestly believe that Air Serv benefits by having employees like Nayna, and I hope she will continue to work for you for a long time. Who knows, we may be flying from DFW again, and we will be looking for her. In the meantime, anyone who asks Nayna to help them around the DFW airport will be the lucky ones. Thanks for a pleasant experience.

It is not often that I take the time to write a letter complimenting service. I had a horrible travel experience on Sept 18 that left me feeling weaker than usual. I encountered Ms. Floyd at ORD and asked her to take me to my gate. She truly exemplifies her title, "passenger assistance specialist." She was helpful, professional, friendly, and a respite from the rude, officious service provided by the airlines. I want to thank her for her kindness and let her supervisor know that she demonstrates care for travelers who are in need of help.

Alex Quaynor, shift manager, walked into the worst mess, read foul up, that I have encountered in over 40 years of air travel. Our plane from Montreal landed at his location with about 90 minutes available to board our flight to Huntsville, Al. We sat on the tarmac in our arriving aircraft over 45 minutes waiting for a gate to be vacated by a disabled aircraft. When we were allowed to deplane at a gate on E wing, we learned that our new gate was on B wing. My wife has had 2 knee replacements within the last year and some of our traveling companions were physically unable to meet the demands of distance and time to board our connecting flight. Alex, with calm and professionalism, determined the dilemma, discovered that no other means was available to solve the problem, personally led the 5 of us to an awaiting SUV and deposited us at the new gate with only minutes to spare. We are grateful that persons such as Alex are in your employment and greatly appreciate his personal attention and timely action to get us to our gate with out serious personal stress and discomfort.

This first chance I have had in my travels across the country to write this memo to you. In the Salt Lake City International air terminal your employee, Harry Gregory, gave my wife and I and our baggage a ride on his battery operated vehicle across many lanes of people traffic. WE certainly enjoyed Harry. He shared his kindness and with an understanding of our tired travel needs and we did appreciate his service to us. Thank you for Harry, your servant, and his service too us. Also, thank you for providing the needed service in the airport.

I recently was traveling to BOS from SLC with my one year old. My husband is currently stationed in Iraq and so I have been doing a lot of traveling alone with my son. As you can imagine, it is very difficult traveling alone with him. Brian helped us in SLC and got our trip off to a wonderful start. His kindness and understanding of parents traveling alone with children is so refreshing. Our parking shuttle let us off on the curb closest to the airport and I did not realize that the Sky Cap was on the next curb over. Just as I was about to get frustrated about how to get my one year old and all 4 of our heavy bags over to that curb, Brian Abbott approached me and offered to help. He said to just leave the bags right there. So we did not even have to move. We waited on that curb while he ran in and checked us in quickly and even got us a bulkhead seat so that we would have more leg room which was priceless when you have a wiggly one year old on your lap. He took our bags from there and I did not have to lift them even once. That was the best experience I have had with Skycap ever and it was all because Brian anticipated my needs and helped me in every way he could. Thank you for hiring such competent individuals such as Brian. I can not thank you and Brian enough.

I just want to commend and thank Jerry Stewart for being so kind and helpful. I traveled to Reno, NV last year, I was at Salt Lake City Int'l airport and I was already at my boarding gate when I noticed that I left my eyeglasses at Burger King Restaurant. Mr. Stewart helped me and gave me a ride. I was so thankful because I only had like 15 minutes before my boarding time and it was really a long walk and I don't even know how to find the food court. He was so kind and took me back to food court and I was thankful because the employees there kept my eyeglasses. I really, really appreciate Mr. Stewart kindness. I have been very sick that's why it took me this long to thank him, but I know I have to send this message to let him know that he was appreciated. Thank you very much.

Thank you Margaret Lewis for your careful solicitous transportation by wheelchair at O'Hare Airport from an F gate to Baggage Pick-up to the 3rd vehicle island for pick up by my son. Margaret graciously remained with me in the intense heat and even offered to purchase an ice water for me as we waited for my son who was delayed by 3 trains' enroute. I was in cell phone contact with him. as we waited. I was most distraught as I was unable to walk or maneuver the wheelchair alone due to a recent injury. Margaret alleviated my fears and treated my like a princess. Again, thank you Margaret.

I would like to commend skycap Brian Abbott for his outstanding service to my family and I. Thanks to Brian, we made our plane. Without his help we might not have made our flight. He took care of our bags and he wasn't even a skycap for the airline we were flying on! Our airline did not have curbside service in Utah as it did in our departure city, Tampa. We pulled up to the curb thinking we could unload there then one of us drops the rental off while the other stayed with the baby. There is no way we could have handled all our bags, the car and the baby. Brian came to the rescue and we are so grateful that we wanted to write and let customer care know what a great help he really was.

I wanted to let you know about the exceptional service I received when traveling through Chicago/O'Hare, from David Levin, a Passenger Assistance Specialist. I was traveling with my 3-year-old son, and two large carry-on bags. Since we had a significant layover at O'Hare, I wanted to find the Children's Play Area, and even though it was in a different, far-off terminal. I can't remember which terminal I started out at, but it was a long, complicated winding path to the Play Area. Mr. Levin not only told us how to get where we were trying to go, but he escorted us the whole way, and helped with our bags. He was very personable and courteous, and made our visit to O'Hare a pleasure. I hope you take care of exceptional employees like Mr. Levin -- he takes very good care of frazzled travelers! You are lucky to have him.

I had the opportunity to fly into Atlanta Airport on a Sunday evening and I must admit it was not a very pleasant flight at all...until we met Ms. Gwendolyn Moore. A gentleman who is a dear friend to me (he lost his leg while serving this country), and as you can imagine has a difficult time walking through airports. Upon our arrival, and needing to move rather quickly to our departing gate for our New Orleans connection, Gwen did a WONDERFUL job in getting us to the gate (there were 5 in my party) in plenty of time. She was at the plane (concourse) upon our arrival, made sure to greet us with a very pleasant smile and "Welcome to Atlanta" and just took such good care of us during our layover. Not only did she make sure we got to our gate on time, she then proceeded to make sure our flight was on time and arriving at the correct gate. Wow!!! Was I impressed :-)? Once again, a not so pleasant flight, and she definitely made lemonade from our lemons. My Sincere Thanks to a wonderful employee, Ms. Gwen Moore, -- you should be very proud to have her on your staff.

I just wanted to send a quick note concerning your Passenger Assistance Specialist Jamie Farmer. I flew to Georgia from Seattle a month ago to see my critically ill father. I myself had a bad back from a car accident, and upon my return flight, I was dismayed to find my flight to Seattle was on the E concourse at the far end of the terminal. My back will only allow me to stand or walk for approx 5 minutes before I need to sit down. I was so relieved to see Ms Farmer near the stairs and she was so nice when I asked for her assistance to take me to the gate. On the way I told her about my father, and she asked if I would mind if she said a prayer for him. I didn't mind, and did appreciate her offer. I just wanted to thank her for being the person on duty that day, and such a caring individual who showed a little compassion for a total stranger.

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I have been helped by Bo Atkins several times curbside at Salt Lake airport. He is courteous, friendly, and very helpful. Several times he has helped us with complicated ticket situations, and also with hauling luggage to more than one location. We have appreciated getting to know him and wanted to let you know that you should consider him a valuable employee.

On a recent trip through your airport I was given incredible service by one of your finest drivers inside the terminal, and he should be commended for his kindness, careful driving, and cheery attitude. I'm a senior who is handicapped enough that I can't walk very far, and when they called for a cart I lucked out by getting Harry Gregory, whom I had never met before and may never see again, although I would be very fortunate to get him again when I change planes again in SLC. I asked for his card so I could send you this commendation. He has no idea who I am and could not pick me out because I'm sure he treats everyone with the same thoughtfulness. You have a winner there!

Just a note....I want you to know of the great service I received while flying with Delta from Denver to Salt lake and back...Being almost 80 years old and in a cast from the knee down, I received the best service one would never expect...One who helped me was Mary Hill...She was so pleasant and helpful. Will always tell friend who is handicapped FLY!! ! THE SERVICE IS UNREAL...Again Thank you Mary for helping make the trip such a joy...

Making airline connections at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport can, even in the best of circumstances, be an arduous task. I was traveling with my elderly mother this past Thursday, attempting to navigate the security systems, elevators and marathon concourses at Hartsfield. The wheelchair I was using for my mother was decrepit and so difficult to manage that it was abandoned (I would have dismantled the thing, but had neither the tools nor the time). Luckily, just after we began a slow, cane-assisted walk, we were stopped by Warren Abrahams, one of your employees. He was very gracious, extraordinarily patient and particularly kind to my mother as he insisted that we board his motorized trolley to allow him to transport us to our distant departure gate. I very much appreciated his demeanor and his professionalism. I hope that the supervisors of Mr. Abrahams will be, via this email message, made aware of the kindness that Mr. Abrahams exhibited to us and realize how such a seemingly minor act during the carrying-out of one's job can assist individuals, relieve their tension, and decrease the anxiety of elderly travelers. Were I to run a company such as yours, I would hope that all of my employees were as competent, considerate and conscientious as Mr. Abrahams. When and if we again travel through Atlanta, I will do my best to find him and to ask for his assistance.

I would like to say a Big Thank You to AIR SERV. Our tour group had booked a connecting flight for us through Salt Lake City Airport with very little time between flights. I was traveling with my husband and 92 year old mother-in-law. We arrived at Terminal B and had to make it to Terminal D, in about 20 mins. I saw one of your employees Eric Allred and his transport vehicle, just as my Mother-in-law was running out of breath, as we tried to cover the 2 mile distance between the terminals. He was so helpful getting our hand luggage loaded and driving all three of us to our departure gate.
Passengers were almost finished loading, and we would never have made the connection without his help. We would like to compliment him on his helpful attitude and also Air Serv on running a service, which is needed by many with the large distances between gates.

My mother and I arrived at SeaTac after a month in Italy. The wheelchair we had requested was in the jet way and Charles Kovacs was the Special Services Agent. My mother and I cannot say enough great things about his service to us through Customs, Baggage Claim and out to the second baggage claim. He was efficient, polite and very helpful. He took complete care of my 86-year old mother and made her feel secure and pampered. On our trip, we have utilized wheelchairs six times. This was by far the best and most courteous service. Thank you very much!

I just wanted to write to commend Rose Wood for her service for me at the Cincinnati airport. In my opinion, she went above and beyond what she was probably supposed to do and I really appreciate her efforts. I think she deserves a raise!!

My husband, mother and I arrived at your airport on a connecting flight that was late. We didn't have much time to make the next flight for LaGuardia Airport, NYC. My mother was panicking because she recently had a hip replacement and was walking with a cane. A wheelchair had been reserved but was not at the gate upon our arrival. After a few phone calls, Delores Cowley, Passenger Assistance Specialist arrived with my mother's "chariot". She spoke so softly to my mother and explained that she would get us to our gate on time. By the time we reached the gate, my mother felt much better. This was mainly due to the expert care that Delores gave my mother. Thank you for having competent workers assisting those who need help.

I want to thank Catalina Garcia, one of your Passenger Lobby Customer Assistance Specialists at San Francisco bay airport. Due to the bad weather and bumper to bumper traffic condition I was running late to catch my flight that day. Mrs. Catalina was very helpful to put me ahead of the line in order to catch my flight. Because of her help in putting me ahead of the line I was able to board the plane on time. I want to commend this employee for being helpful, friendly and courteous. There are not too many people like her to give an extra mile to help other people when they really need help. I want to thank the company for having an employee like her. I highly recommend her service.

My wife, son and I were on a VERY short connection between our flights from PHL to a United connection to Beijing, China. With almost no hope of making the connection in sight, an Angel of Mercy showed up in the person of Donna Harris. She graciously and quickly took us from our arriving concourse to the departing one (C to B, I believe). She was the perfect person to calm us down in a very stressful situation and we greatly appreciate her services. We feel she is to be commended for her outstanding performance and attitude.

I just wanted to drop you a mail to inform you of the good service both Michelle Shanks and Eunice Ford provided me and my wife last Saturday. We were coming in from Cancun and my wife had an ear infection and was dizzy and sick on the descent to Atlanta. Upon arriving she could not stand and could not stop throwing up, due to her dizziness. The first to help was Michelle. She provided some cracker, ginger ale, etc, and also contacted some medical personnel to help. She was very helpful and did her very best to do what she could. Please tell her we said thank you for her efforts. We really appreciate it. Next was Eunice. She actually helped wheel my wife to the airport medical office where she waited with us. We were able to see the doctor, and get back in time to make our flight to Baton Rouge. We would not have made it in time if not for her help. Please tell her we said thank you as well, and her help was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the good service you provide. It really helps make a difference when we needed it most.

I must tell you how helpful Rosa was to me, and others, on my recent trip through your terminal. I was in a wheel-chair with minable ability to do all those things necessary from International travel. Rosa met me as I came off the plane on my return from Russia, collected my bags as they came in, and then moved me to the area where they were checked, then on to the transfer bus to the next terminal for my flight to Houston. Along the way when she saw another elderly person having difficulty finding their way she stopped and assisted them and in one instance secured a wheelchair for yet another elder person whose companions were showing difficulty getting him where he needed to go. She was surely an angel in disguise and I'm sure you must be very happy having her as an employee.

I would like to commend an employee of yours at the San Francisco International Airport. Her name is Janette Bong. I was traveling from SFO to Las Vegas last April 28th . Unfortunately, I left my Cell Phone at the chair I was sitting. Ms. Bong was able to find it and took it upon herself to call my home to let my family know that she found the phone at the airport. It was a big relief for me because I do not have to file any more lost claims. I was able to get my phone back from her as she gave me directions to where she lives. I hope she is nominated to your Chairman's Circle Award.

My husband and I recently arrived in Atlanta after an 18 hour flight from Johannesburg, Because of my husband's mobility impairment; he was met with a wheelchair. We were tired and anxious after a grueling trip, and were anxious to reach our final destination. We were fortunate to have Deidre Zellner assigned to us. She efficiently and with great sensitivity guided us through customs, retrieval of luggage, and the need to get re-ticketed for our domestic flight to Sarasota. Because of her skills, she enabled us to make an earlier plane than we had planned, and got us to our gate with time to spare. We feel that she is a credit to your organization.

This letter is to inform you of the "excellent customer service" we Received from one of your employees: Tom Preston. My father and I Traveled to Salt Lake City to attend the funeral of my aunt. We were also there to celebrate the 89th birthday of my father. Having requested a wheelchair in advance with the airlines, we were met by Tom when we disembarked the plane. He was very accommodating and attentive to my father's needs and took us from the plane to the Avis kiosk to pick up our rental car. The rental car company wasn't as accommodating however. They had reserved an SUV which would have been impossible to get my father into. As I negotiated another alternative and we waited for them to locate a vehicle suitable for him, Tom stayed patiently with us. He then wheeled my father to the new car and helped get him into it. He also directed me to check out the car and make sure I was aware of any problems with it before leaving . At the end of our stay, we again asked for wheelchair help and asked the skycap to call for Tom specifically. They didn't call him directly as I had asked but we were fortunate to have his service once again. This time Tom took us through security and made the otherwise, tedious wait and search of person and carrions, much less cumbersome for my father and me. In this day of heightened security and all the airlines require of us to fly, it is with pleasure I write to acknowledge the "excellent service" we were given by Tom and the consideration in which he did his job with such caring and sincerity. He most certainly went "above and beyond" what his duties must be, and our wish is that you recognize his efforts to represent your company and his job that might otherwise have been done with so much less effort. You are fortunate to have such a gentleman in your employ and we will request his services each time we visit your airport again. Thank you, and thank Tom for us.


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