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Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair ServiceAt Air Serv, we annually respond to over 1.5 million wheelchair requests at airports around the country.  We assist a wide range of passengers, including people with disabilities ranging from sports injuries to paralysis and blindness.

In order to develop the most innovative and advanced wheelchair management solution in the aviation industry, we consulted with the FAA and DOT as well as representatives for the disabled.  As we developed this technology, we kept in mind that our ultimate goal is to improve response time to the passenger and to increase our efficiency in serving a number of passengers.

We have wheelchair dispatchers who collect requests from the various airlines and then transmit the information electronically to the service person nearest the passenger needing assistance.  Each wheelchair assistant is supplied with a means of two-way communication with the dispatcher.  Our wheelchair service personnel are taught to be empathetic and sensitive to every passenger’s needs.  They get the passenger comfortably seated, describe what to expect and reconfirm where the passenger is to go.

"We were in the North Terminal and were told to evacuate. My husband is 80 and has 2 artificial hips, so walking fast is a real challenge. Cora came up behind us and offered him a wheelchair ... she got us in the wheelchair line and before we knew it, we were through security and back on our plane.   Cora was wonderful. She kept us both calm and at ease. She seemed to really care about us and how we were doing. Her customer care was outstanding. Her warmth, concern and general attitude was above the call of duty."

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